(Meredith) – What started with a weird draft in the bathroom ended with a woman finding a secret room behind her mirror in her New York City apartment.

Samantha Hartsoe documented the creepy discovery on TikTok to millions of viewers.

Hartsoe said she could feel cold air blowing on her, and eventually realized it was coming from behind her bathroom mirror.

After removing the bathroom mirror, Hartsoe found a hole behind it. But it wasn’t just any hole – it lead to an entire abandoned apartment with multiple rooms behind her wall.

Hartsoe managed to squeeze herself through the hole in the wall to investigate.

“It was a whole apartment,” she said.

Making matters even creepier, holes like this one aren’t always harmless. In 1987, a woman in a Chicago apartment was murdered after burglars came in through the bathroom mirror.

Management at Hartsoe’s building declined to comment on the matter, but Hartsoe confirmed she called maintenance to take a look at her discovery.

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