MARICOPA, Ariz. (KTVK) -- An animal rescue in Arizona is working to help save the lives of five conjoined kittens. 

The kittens were born at the rescue Little Whiskers Animal Rescue in Maricopa on April Fools' Day. Their mom was among more than 29 cats and kittens that were brought in last week.

According to Jessica with Little Whiskers, this is a rare occurrence.

"It happens, but they don't generally survive. There is a lot of complications that comes with that, not knowing what's actually attached and when it's attached."

"All five of these kittens shared a placenta as well as one very tiny cord! Two of the kittens have a conjoined body," a spokesperson for Little Whiskers explained. Their vet is working to see how to separate them and help them survive.

Two of them are in critical condition at the vet. The mom and the other three are with Little Whiskers separated. One of them had to have one of their legs amputated. 

"We’ve seen a lot of crazy things, but this is probably one of the most out there ones yet!" the spokesperson said.

According to Little Whiskers, the mama cat gave birth to more kittens while at the vet.

"This is a very big unexpected expense on the rescue and any help would be deeply appreciated! We are fighting for these little ones and mama to pull through this." To find out how to donate, visit the Little Whiskers Animal Rescue website or their Facebook page


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