LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Students from the University of Nevada Las Vegas are embarking on a three-year project collecting stories of the local Asian American Pacific Islander community. 

The project is called Reflections: The Las Vegas Asian American & Pacific Islander Oral History Project. Four students have been hired and trained to collect the oral histories covering topics including immigration, family life, business, religion and culture, gender, discrimination, activism and more. 

"Sometimes we don't know things about our parents until we directly ask them," said Cecilia Winchell, one of the students on the project. "Especially for the AAPI community who don't really focus on publicizing themselves, and they're a very private community, these stories don't get told unless we go out there and get them." 

Winchell and other students Vanessa Concepcion, Kristel Peralta, and Ayrton Yamaguchi will continue collecting interviews which then would be edited and transcribed. The project received a $300,000 grant and aims to make the oral histories available to the public online. 

Those interested in sharing their story with the project can contact Claytee White, director of the UNLV Oral History Research Center. Her contact information and more information about the project, including a form to nominate someone to be a part of the project, are available on the UNLV Library's website

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(5) comments


Taxpayer dollars are paying for this nonsense. Good grief.


As a Nevadan I believe that we need to record our history and learn lessons from the past so they are not repeated in the future. It's important to get the voices of all Nevadans recorded into the archive for future generations to study. The UNLV Oral History Center noticed a gap in its collection and sought to fill it, there is nothing wrong with that. They still continue to conduct interviews with everyone in the community. If you want to add your perspective to the collection contact them and set up an interview:


Then you pay for it, if it's that important to you. This has very little to do with recording history and everything to do with jumping on the ethnic group of the month bandwagon and collecting government grants funded by the taxpayer.


Academia does not move that quickly. To get grants for projects this it takes months, sometime years. The origin of this project came out of the Building Las Vegas project where many of the developers and architects behind Chinatown were interviewed. The reason it is making the news is because of the monthly bandwagon.


Nonsense. These grants more than likely came from Biden's trove of taxpayer dollars, or more likely, are being used from current budgets because they know they have liberal largesse coming down the pike soon. And regardless of when it was appropriated, it's still coming out of my pocket, which is nonsense. If it's important enough to you and the rest of your liberal brainwashed sycophants, then YOU fund it.

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