UNLV School of Medicine grads hope to help Nevada's health system. (FOX5)

UNLV School of Medicine grads hope to help Nevada's health system. (FOX5) 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UNLV's medical school is expected to bring over a billion dollars and thousands of jobs to the medical district by 2030. 

The School of Medicine, located in the heart of the city's medical district, has admitted new students all with ties to Nevada.

"It's been shown that if you train residents in a state, they're very likely to stay there," second-year UNLV medical student Greg Schreck said.

A study ranks Nevada's health system as one of the five worst in the nation. By recruiting students from the state the school hopes more will want to practice medicine in Nevada.

Schreck said the school mostly admits people with Nevada ties, whether they went to school at UNLV, have family in the state or grew up here.

"To be in a state where you can help propagate that and being a doctor yourself, I feel like I'm in a good position to bring that mission forward,"  second-year UNLV medical student Gwen Amsrala said. 

With the school being in the medical district, Amsrala said medical students have more resources available to them.

"It's good to learn what's around here so when we do become physicians we know where to send them (patients), where to refer them, and also learn where the shortages are so we can work on them," Amsrala said.

UNLV Medicine is the first medical school in the country to incorporate integrative medicine and the first to do virtual anatomy lessons.

The City of Las Vegas has invested over $73 million in infrastructure, marketing, and planning within the medical district since 2013.

They plan on investing an additional $121 million for 2021 and beyond.

For more on the city's plans for the medical district head to their website. 

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