Las Vegas Stadium report proposes 4 off-site parking locations

A rendering of the Las Vegas Raiders' stadium.

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents held an emergency meeting on Thursday to go over details of a possible agreement with the Raiders. The agreement outlined how the Raiders and the UNLV Rebels would share the nearly $2 billion stadium set to open near the Las Vegas Strip in 2020.

UNLV's first opponent in the new stadium was scheduled against University of California, Berkeley, in Aug. of 2020. When the Rebels take the field, they will have their own locker room, permanent signage, and their own branded artificial turf, since the Raiders will play on real grass.

"No pun intended, this is a game-changer for us," UNLV President Len Jessup, who was at the meeting, said.

The university will get money from parking, concessions, merchandise and ad sales. UNLV has to pay rent at the stadium. That number would be based off operations costs, and could be somewhere between, $100,000 or $175,000 per game. Those figures are lower that initial estimates of $250,000 per game.

"It was always assumed right from the beginning we would cover our costs when we're in there playing on gameday," Jessup said.

Concerns from the regents revolved around possible scheduling conflicts between the Raiders and UNLV. In that case, the Raiders would get priority on the stadium. Regents worried a change in plans could leave UNLV with nowhere to play, or facing a fine. Jessup told regents it is highly unlikely that the Raiders schedule would change mid-season, leading to emergency cancellations.

The Board of Regents were scheduled to vote on the agreement at another emergency meeting on Jan. 19, then it would go to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority.

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