LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – An Uber representative on Wednesday said due to a driver shortage, only about half of the rides requested on the platform right now in the Las Vegas area are being completed, but they are working hard to change that and say they need Governor Steve Sisolak to help.

“Right now, Las Vegas is one of the worst, if not the worst, market in the country in the terms of the rider experience,” said Javi Correoso, a spokesperson for Uber. He said the rideshare company is experiencing a driver shortage nationwide, but it’s worse in Las Vegas.

“Only about 30% of drivers who were driving in February 2020 have returned,” Correoso said.

While supply of drivers is low, the demand for rides is high and continues to get higher, not yet at pre-pandemic levels, but certainly will be soon.

“We are starting to get close,” Correoso said.

To address the driver shortage nationally, Uber launched its own stimulus last week: $250 million for drivers. The company hopes driving up hourly earnings will keep current drivers, bring back old ones and attract new ones.

“In Las Vegas specifically, what that means for drivers as part of this incentive package we are offering hourly earnings of $29.90,” Correoso said.

Uber contends Las Vegas drivers are not coming back like in other cities because of local regulations. Sisolak issued an emergency order pausing surge pricing at the beginning of the pandemic that remains in place as Nevada continues to reopen.

“Drivers know that when there is a lot of demand, they are going to see higher earnings and by not having that mechanism in place due to local regulations a lot of drivers quite frankly are choosing to stay at home,” Correoso said.

Uber says they’ve reached out to Nevada Transportation Authority and Sisolak to address the pricing issues and are hoping there will soon be a change.

“If we can’t rely on the same tools that we can rely on in other parts of the country to get drivers back … it is going to continue to be a poor experience for riders,” Correoso said.

Free taxi, Uber, Lyft rides to those impacted by Strip shooting


FOX5 also reached out to Lyft about what they are doing to try and attract more drivers and have not heard back, though according to a message on their platform when you can’t get a ride, they are “working on getting more” drivers on the road. FOX5 also reached out the Nevada Transportation Authority and Sisolak’s office, asking as we continue to reopen when the emergency surge pricing pause may be lifted, and have yet to hear back.


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what stopped me from this driving job is the mandatory requirement for state business license and county business license, over $200 annually. i don't OWN & operate these transport businesses, why do i need 2 business licenses ? do i have to pay "business income tax"?

if I'm a part owner of uber and Lyft then I'll be glad to pay for the business licenses !! the government need to stop gouging average working people !! Every driver should stop driving untill the business licenses requirement is removed.. how come I don't need business licenses to drive for other transport companies ?? i hope the rate goes down to near zero !! Long list of mandatory requirements just for a few dollars per hour job, ridiculous...!


What this article and with the Uber representative refuses to acknowledge is the 500 pound elephant in the room and that is their Mask mandate when are Uber mandated that mask be worn by drivers and passenger I turned off uber X and that was over a year ago and I have not picked up one person since-you are not going to tell me that I have to drive around in my own vehicle with a mask on all day I'm not going to live that!!! way number two; your misguided policy that you think makes customers feel relaxed and safe in your Uber car actually creates an adversarial roll between the driver and the passenger as we have all seen in recent videos of Uber drivers trying to enforce a mask policy and then got physically assaulted by a passenger!!! and the truth of the matter is that any person that is that scared of covid-19 they're not going to use your service anyway!!! they are not going to get into a stranger's car (mask or no mask) and drive around for 20 minutes or more and risk getting infected they're not going to return back to your service until this whole pandemic is over and everyone's been vaccinated so stop trying to Pander to The Nervous Nellie's of the world!!! they're not your customer right now anyway Uber!!! By the way I recently checked into the app to check on my account and it says that you have to wear masks even if you've been vaccinated then what is the GD point of getting vaccinated??? This misguided mask policy mandate that they have is keeping thousands of drivers like myself from the service I am not going to enforce policies that I myself do not believe in and the day that they undo this mandate is the day that I will turn Uber X back on and start picking up people again...


Well no one is talking about the elephant in the room the biggest reason drivers are not coming back is the constant cuts in rate by the rideshare companies put on the drivers backs in the race to the bottom per mile pay is as low as 30 cents per mile when you add gas maintenance and wear and tear on the drivers cars they are basically almost driving for free the rideshare companies raising rates on customers and paying drivers less they use to have a 70%drivers 30% company split now its gone by the way 80%company 20% drivers what they show drivers is always different from what the customers pay and with the unfair algorithms and control on what the drivers can and cannot do they are not true independent contractors

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