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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - A Las Vegas Uber driver said several passengers assaulted her.

It happened on Halloween but Deanna Gorte said she wanted to come forward to share her story after hearing other stories of Uber drivers getting assaulted. 

Gorte said a man ordered a ride from Tivoli Park in Summerlin. She said once she arrived, a woman called and asked her to drive over to The Cheesecake Factory at Boca Park.

“When I got there, I saw these kids in the middle of the driveway flailing their arms.”

Three kids got into Gorte’s car and told her they were waiting for their mom. When the mom came out with another kid, Gorte told them she couldn’t drive them because there were too many passengers.

“I said, 'No, you have to have a seatbelt.' She told me to 'shut up and drive.' I said, 'I can’t do that.'” ‬

Gorte said the family refused to get out of her car while they waited for another ride and wouldn’t wait inside the restaurant.

“I said asked her 'why?' She said, ‘my children are too wild.’”

Gorte said the mom still refused to get out of the car. That’s when Gorte started recording video on her cell phone and called 9-1-1 through the Uber app.

“I’m standing outside my car and I had opened the backdoor ... and politely asked the children to get out and she’s screaming at them to stay in the car stay in the car.” ‬

They listened to their mom.

‪”Now the other little boy is next to me and the little boy touches me.” ‬

Gorte said a young girl started recording her and tried to hit her.

“And she spits at me!”

‪The video shows the mom sitting in the backseat while most of the kids are outside of the car.

One kid can be heard saying, “Disrespecting me, cussing out my mom multiple times.” ‬At other parts of the video, the kids can be heard swearing at Gorte.

Gorte said the incident went on for more than than 20 minutes. She’s not proud of how she reacted.

While still in the backseat, the mother said to Gorte, “you cursed my children and you touched my kids!”

Gorte screamed back, “my hands are on my phone lady!”

Officers never showed up, but the mom eventually got out of the car.

“She comes over and I had my phone up and she smashes it into my face and into my head ... my head snapped back and I heard a snap in my neck, when my neck went back. She cracked my screen,” said Gorte. ‬

Gorte said with one of the doors still open, she jumped in and sped off. She filed a police report the next day. Gorte said she’s terrified but still driving because she needs to make money. She said she wants the company to do more for drivers.

“If 9-1-1 isn’t going to show up, then Uber needs to have their own security team to be there to back up the drivers and be on the spot when we’re in trouble,” she said.

The District Attorney’s office was looking at the case to decide whether to file charges.

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