LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As more of the Las Vegas Valley continues to reopen, the demand for rideshare drivers continues as well.

Rideshare app Uber is asking Nevadans to contact Gov. Steve Sisolak to allow surge pricing.

Uber sent a message to drivers regarding surge pricing. They said the ongoing state of emergency in Nevada prohibits rideshare companies from increasing fare rates. It says the law limits their ability to use surge pricing to help drivers earn more for tips during busy times.

A similar message was sent to passengers. The letter said as a result of the state's regulation "drivers' earnings and availability have suffered."

Both messages ask for help and encourage you to contact the Governor.

"As the COVID-19 response continues to evolve and change, the Administration has remained committed to being flexible and working with stakeholders on issues as they arise, including this one. We are aware that agencies are reviewing this issue and working towards potential solutions. As more information is available, we will share it with the press and the public as soon as possible," Gov. Steve Sisolak's office said on Monday.

Brandon Harrington started to work for Uber and Lyft in 2015. Prior to the pandemic, he only drove for Uber. Since the pandemic, he now collects unemployment. He said there are more reasons drivers aren't heading back to work and it's not just surge pricing.

“They want to find something to blame, the governor or whatever, but even before the pandemic it never equaled out,” Harrington said.

He said throughout the years, drivers are making less. Cancellations fees are now less than what they once were. If a rider were to cancel a request, Harrington said the fee does not compensate the driver for the gas or mileage. 

"The cancellation fee was at one time $5, then it went to $3 and now it’s $2 and some change," Harrington said. 

Uber suspends pool rides in US and Canada to prevent spread of coronavirus

Unless drivers get paid more, he said he'll be looking for another line of work. 

"I believe Lyft and Uber drivers need to strike in Nevada so we could be able have the same opportunities as in New York and California has, that they will pay us minimum wage if anything else,” Harrington said.

Uber is offering bonuses to new drivers and former drivers to join the company. 


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I drive for Uber in Las Vegas and there's no reason why surge pricing can't return to Nevada. I was in Phoenix a few weeks ago and they have surge pricing in Arizona and I have a friend who drives for Uber in Dallas and they have surge pricing in Texas. With the increasing crowds returning to Las Vegas and a shortage of drivers, having surge pricing available might entice drivers to come back and drive. Shows once again how out of touch Governor Sisokak is with running this state!


Spineless Sisolak doesn't care that Uber drivers make less than poverty wages in his state! This is why many drivers are turning to make contacts at hotels and tip them good while grabbing cash rides and even being able to take credit cards with square. This was bound to happen with tyrants in government who think they can steal from lowly workers. Well this is the end of Uber and Lyft soon as independent contractors will be working with start up apps which will call up riders and walla you have the new and improved ride share. The drivers may not be able to pick up at the airport but who cares when you can make much more without driving for Uber or Lyft! Just sayin;))


Sisiolak should not be interfering in business. He needs to let Nevada open and get rid of the mask mandate.

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