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LAS VEGAS(FOX5)-- It all started as a joke: a Facebook event to storm Area 51. Then two million people R-S-V-P'D. 

The organizers for the Area 51 raid are trying to take advantage of all the hype, so they're throwing together a music festival in nearby Rachel, Nevada. 

Now we're hearing from another group who said they were already planning a music festival in the rural town of Crystal, Nevada the same weekend. 

"Our whole intention was to change the conversation from aggression and frustration to peace," said David VanderBeek. 

Vanderbeek is one of the co-founders of Peacestock51. He said he and a friend came up with the idea last month.

"We didn’t really think about logistics we thought about peace," said VanderBeek. 

He's fronting some of the money. As for the logistics: he brought on some industry pros. 

"It’s going to seem chaotic at first but it’s all going to come together in the end," said Las Vegas Entertainment Producer Frank Dimaggio. 

It's all coming together in Amargosa Valley: where there are more cows than people. 

"We’re going to clear about 60 acres of this land and this is going to be set up for campgrounds and parking. On this side we have 25 acres. It’s going to be clear, we’re going to have two stages on either side. It’s going to be fenced in. We’re going to have security, we’re going to have hospital tents," said Production Manager John Greco. 

It's hard to picture 10-20,000 people camping and listening to music on desert land - especially as soon as next month. 

"They’re going to level it and they’re going to be laying down a small layer of pea gravel so people aren’t going to be kicking up dirt," said Greco. 

The desert gets pretty dark at night. Its why they ordered 45 tree lights to put by the campgrounds and the stages. 

They're even flying in psychics. 

"People today believe that UFO’s are a form of higher power or higher consciousness," said VanderBeek. 

"People are going to be looking to [Area 51] to say, 'what are we going to see, what are we going to capture that night?' Who knows," said Greco. 

Big name bands, other worldly encounters, sound familiar? 

"I got 30 acres I'll put you all there we can camp and everything well now that's going to become the main event with some parking around it," said Connie West. 

West is one of the Alienstock planners. Another music festival scheduled for the same weekend as Peacestock. 

"They’re copying us now which is great. I think that’s awesome. We’re not here to compete with anybody. We want more people to be about peace," said VanderBeek. 

West said she expects around 10,000 people in Rachel. 

Rachel has a population of 98 people. They don't want Alienstock. The town warned there's no cell service, no internet, no stores, no gas. 

Neither festival even has a permit yet. 

The Nye County Sheriff sent VanderBeek a list of requirements to make Peacestock happen. 

Two festivals, one goal: 

"Meet new people, enjoy the music," said West. 

"And not die," said Greco. 

Can they get it done? Or will they both turn into Fyre Fest 2.0

County Commissioners from both Nye and Lincoln County told Fox5 they appreciate any kind of effort to get people away from Area 51. None of them could flat-out say yes, they support it. 

They said they're worried about people from different parts of the country or world showing up unprepared for desert heat. They're also worried about sanitation and what kind of stress this could put on local law enforcement. 

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Uh-oh, another disaster waiting to happen! People just have to accept that we live in chaotic and dangerous times and should avoid public events.

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