LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The warning signs were all there, according to two men who spoke exclusively to FOX5 about accused killer Brandon Leath. 

Police said Leath is accused of killing a man visiting Las Vegas from Massachusetts with one punch over the weekend.

Brandon Leath, 33. (LVMPD)

Brandon Leath, 33. (LVMPD)

FOX5 met with two men Monday night who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. They claim Leath was a "ticking time bomb" and they tried to have him arrested multiple times. 

One of the men said he was punched by the suspect when they were inside a convenience store. The store is not allowing FOX5 to show the video, but it shows the victim was also knocked unconscious.

“He knocked me out so now I have to see a doctor about my possible concussion,” the man said. He now has blurred vison and headaches. He works at an apartment complex just a few blocks away from Fremont Street and the store where he was assaulted. 

“I was in there doing a little shopping and he happened to see me, and he confronted me about wanting his stuff,” the victim recalled.

Staff at the apartment complex took a video of Leath in their office. What Leath is recorded saying is mostly incoherent. The office staff reported Leath would continually to break into one of their units claiming he lived there.

One employee had an entire file on Leath and recorded at least eight encounters in the last two months.

“More than that actually sometimes cops didn’t come … I waited six, seven hours for Metro and I just ended up leaving,” that employee said. The employee also recalled a time Leath threated him with a screwdriver. 

“I walked inside the unit vacant unit that he was squatting in … he ran down the stairs scaring the daylights out of me … I ran out the unit called 9-1-1,” the employee recounted. The apartment complex added security cameras because they contend Leath was so dangerous to so many people.

“I have a tenant moving out now because he tried to sexually assault her in a dark parking lot,” the employee said.

Twice Leath’s single punch is alleged to have knocked out a stranger. His victim who survived said if police had done more to stop Leath, he believes the death of Driscoll could have been prevented.

“I feel sorry for that family,” the man said.

FOX5 called the victim's home in Massachusetts and woman said her family is not yet ready to talk about the victim or what happened. Connecticut state police confirmed Driscoll was a retired state trooper.

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And because of Sisolaks Marxist policies Metro arent on patrol walking the strip to prevent these crimes, they watch on cameras and just report crime after its been committed, tourists are being murdered raped and robbed because Sisolak is a liberal puppet that is running the city into the ground. The Strip IS DANGEROUS NOW. Defund the police will result in more murders. Sisolak HAS TO GO. Vegas is like living in Oakland or Compton now. Hes ruined Las Vegas in 2 years time...this city has to get tough on crime.


Had his victims been legally armed, deadly force could have used in defense against bodily harm and possible death from this individual. A well placed shot center mass to deter his aggression could have resulted in less taxpayer expense in legal proceedings and incarceration. Now we get to the foot the bill for this human garbage and the victims family is left to grieve


Light policing has never been a Marxist policy. Most communist nations have draconian policing that disregards human rights and places all power in the state.

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