LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Several members of the state Democratic Party have expressed dissent and one member has resigned after a statement issued by Chair Judith Whitmer saying the United states has turned a "blind eye" to unjust acts and attacks "committed by the Israeli government." 

The chair confirmed that Treasurer Howard Beckerman resigned on May 15. 

"Howard is a friend and we are thankful for his service to the Nevada Democrats," Whitmer said in a statement on Tuesday. 

Nevada Democrats did not say whether the resignation was related to a statement Whitmer released on Friday about conflict between Israel and Palestine: 

The Biden administration has the duty and responsibility to call for an immediate cease-fire to all militaristic activity in the already-deadly conflict that is ever-escalating between Israel and Palestine and end the expansion of settlements. The present moment requires courageous and honest leadership from the United States, which has too long turned a blind eye to injustice and violence committed by the Israeli government, dominated by the extreme right wing.

The world cannot stand by as we witness atrocities and human rights violations being committed against Palestinians. People are being forced from their homes and tear gassed while praying. People, including children, are being killed. Palestinians have a right to live in peace. No caveats. The United States must use all of its diplomatic pressures to bring parties to the table for an immediate, peaceful resolution. This is not the time for stagnation, inaction, or equivocation. The United States continues to be a multi-billion dollar supplier in military funding to Israeli forces, and as our leader, President Biden must take decisive action during this critical moment and work to save the homes and lives of the Palestinian people. -- NV Dems Chair Judith Whitmer

Shortly after Whitmer's statement, Nevada Jewish Democrats said it disagreed and released the following statement on Monday: 

As NV Dems we stand united with President Joe Biden that Israel has the right to defend itself and we hope for de-escalation in the region. The statement by NSDP Chair Whitmer is unrepresentative of our values as Jewish Democrats and we strongly disagree with her. We expect party leaders to promote words of unity and stand for equality and peace for all people. -- Nevada Jewish Democrats

Nevada Muslim Democrats told FOX5 on Tuesday that it fully supports Whitmer's statement and believes the Biden administration will do what is needed to put a stop to the loss of lives in the region. 

Israel Palestinians

A view of a 11-story building housing AP office and other media in Gaza City is seen moments after Israeli warplanes demolished it, Saturday, May 15, 2021. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

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