Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said an argument at a shoe store lead up to a false active shooter report and a heavy police response at Town Square Friday night.

Police said a fight started when boys came to a closing shoe store, Clicks Vegas, and asked staff to open up. A store employee said they were closed and was punched. The group of boys ran toward the movie theater and Gameworks. The shoe store staff later confronted the boys and one of them pulled out a gun and pointed it at the shoe store employee, who ducked and ran away.

One witness who was with the boys said they were "bum rushed and ambushed" after leaving the store by six males who wanted to fight. Someone said "he's got a gun" and Rayvon Berton, 22, was seen with a gun pointing it at the other group, according to Berton's arrest report. Gameworks had video surveillance video showing a group of five people, including Berton, running out of game Works.

Berton told police he went to Town Square to hang out with cousins and friends. According to the report, he said they walked passed the Clicks Vegas store, and someone in his group pointed out the employee and said, "that's the boy that has been talking all kinds of mess." Berton admitted to throwing a punch. He said they went to Game Works and then group of five guys ran up on him, so he pulled out a gun and aimed it. He heard someone say "he's got a gun" and he got nervous and ran and the "gun just dropped." Berton admitted he was carrying the gun concealed but did not have a concealed carry permit.

Police said one gun was found, which was previously seen by many people. No one was injured and no shots were fired.

Rayvon Berton was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon after the incident, police said.

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Witnesses said they heard gunshots at the AMC at Town Square, but police said those reports were never verified.

Several people at Town Square said they were put on lockdown and told to move away from store entrances for safety. Others said they were told to leave the area.

"We do everything we can to contain the area, which is exactly what we did," the watch commander with Metro Police said.

"(Our response) was based on the information we had at the time."

FOX5 producer Kristen Kidman was on the scene when lockdowns began.

"I was at Pinot’s Palette. We sheltered in place, a bunch of us hid in the back and they turned the lights off. Some people were very upset, especially when someone started banging on the back door and someone else tried to open it. We really thought there was a shooter, that’s all we kept hearing. It was all very alarming. Relieved it wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought," she said.

Damon Schilling, Government and Community Affairs Manager for AMR and MedicWest said it was better to be safe than sorry.

"It's one of those types of things where we're glad that we're not needed, but we're glad that we're there just in case we are," Schilling said. "More often than not, we find that they are false stories or somebody kind of exaggerated a situation."

"Our first responders here in this valley are top notch, second to none ... We're always trying to make ourselves better because we realized there's some things with 1 October that could definitely be fixed."

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