Delilah in hospital

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas toddler was hospitalized after eating a marijuana edible she received while trick-or-treating on Halloween, according to her family. 

"She shouldn't be here, she should be waking up to her bag of candy," Shantelle Smith sais as she bursts into tears. 

Her 2-year-old sister Delilah was taken to UMC after reacting to a candy laced with THC, a component in marijuana. 

"I haven't slept. I didn't want to sleep until I saw her open her eyes," she said.

Shantelle took Delilah trick or treating in Las Vegas near Lake Mead and Sandy. Shantelle says they walked a lot so when Delilah was getting drowsy, she didn't really think anything of it at the time.

"I noticed she was sleepy so I picked her up. We did a few more houses and I was like okay it's time to head home."

When they got home, Shantelle tried to give Delilah a bath, but Delilah was limp and not responsive. 

"I started freaking out. Everyone was like, 'She's fine. She's just tired.' And I told them, 'No, I need to go to the hospital,'" she said. 

Shantelle took Delilah to UMC where doctors ran tests.

"They told me, 'there's THC in her system.' I just couldn't speak. I don't know how that got there or what happened," Shantelle said crying.

THC is the component in marijuana that creates a high. Delilah recovered, according to her family.

She slept through the night and woke up Thursday morning. Her family is speaking out because they don't want this to happen to anyone else. 

"[Delilah's] up saying 'Telle Telle,'" Shantelle said, referencing the nickname her sister calls her. "So I feel better seeing her awake but the fact she's even here," Shantelle said as her voice breaks.

Police stopped by UMC to take a report. 

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