NV credit theft expert: Equifax breach is 'worst type there could be'

A cyber security breach affects 143 million Americans.

The annual Black Hat conference brings together some of the most tech-savvy minds from across the world.

With that also comes a lot of hackers. FOX5’s Cyndi Lundeberg had her credit card hacked while covering the event on Wednesday.

Experts said most of the people who come to Black Hat are there to learn more about technology and cyber security. But there are always those few who just can’t help but test the limits and show off what their hacking skills can do.

With thousands of tech-savvy minds in one space, what many can’t see is probably the scariest thing. With everyone on their cell phones, it's hard to know who’s trying to access one that doesn't belong to them.

“It really amounts to good data hygiene,” Chief Technology Officer of Raytheon Cyber Protections Solutions Mark Orlando said.

Orlando has been coming to Black Hat for several years.

“People have their phones hacked, getting their credit cards compromised,” he said. “Anyone who's been here more than a year has heard those anecdotes.”

Orlando said the hacking can be done electronically through a phone or in-person through the chip on a credit card.

Orlando had some simple tips especially for visitors who were not attending Black Hat.

“Turning off unneeded services on your cell phone wireless, and Bluetooth, and one that many people often forget, turn off near-field communications payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay,” Orlando said.

There are some signs if a phone has been hacked.

“Pay attention if your battery is going down much faster than maybe it normally would, if it's restarting, if it's behaving anyway that's unusual,” he said.

And most importantly, Orlando said "don’t panic." Most of these hackers are much more interested in cracking the code to airplanes, cars and huge tech companies.

But he said victims just need to act fast to fix it.

“Recognize it happens to everyone. So when the worst does happen, you find malware on your phone, your credit card is compromised, take action as quickly as possible,” Orlando said. “That's all any of us can do.”

Black Hat ended on Thursday. Def Con, one of the largest hacker conventions in the world, starts on Friday. It was scheduled to be at Caesars Palace through Aug.12.

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