Thousands take to Las Vegas streets to call for gun control

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With signs in hand, hundreds of anti-gun protesters have flooded the streets of downtown Las Vegas, not far from the site of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history last year.

Students turned activists led the March for Our Lives rally Saturday morning at the Smith Center concert hall and then walked to City Hall.

"I want to see a change with the amount of mass shooting's within the US," said Nyssa Silva, a sophomore at Green Valley High School. "I think it's outrageous the amount of students affected by this."

Silva was one of several students leading the march, calling for an end to gun violence.

"I feel rather distracted than safe," said Silva. "I would say I don't know who's going to walk through the door all the time."

The student demonstrators were joined by hundreds of others in the community rallying and reminding people that they may be young, but their cause isn't child's play.

"We're just kids, but we're the future generation," said Alessandra Quintanilla, Valley High School Student. "We should be given the right to have a voice, and to say our point."

For some that point meant stricter gun control laws.

"There are many solutions that congress hasn't taken on a state and national level," said one student. "That includes banning assault weapons, that includes expanding background checks and stopping the militarization of police."

But not everyone at the rally believed gun control will stop the violence.

"Gun's don't kill, I mean it's people," said Philip Bouchard, a Verde High School student. "We have a huge parenting problem in this country, it's definitely the parents fault, because they're not raising their kids correctly, and we know that because this wasn't happening in the last decade."

Survivors the Oct. 1 shooting at a country music festival on the Vegas Strip that killed 58 people were also in the crowd.

The student organizers of the Las Vegas demonstration say they were inspired by high school students in Parkland, Florida, who turned their own mass shooting last month into a call for action.

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