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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A spokesperson for The D in downtown Las Vegas confirmed to FOX5 that the property has rescinded a dress code policy that banned some tattoos.

In a video posted to social media on Wednesday, an employee of The D is heard telling a man with tattoos on his neck that due to a new dress code policy, he can not enter the property.

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Some wild times we’re living in. I would’ve never thought being in @vegas one of the biggest tourist attractions people travel all over the world to go to and I would be denied access to a casino because I have tattoos on my neck. Tattoos being more mainstream than ever, you’re really going to enforce such a thing? But hey if these are someone’s rules, fine. I was being super respectful even though I felt like I was being talked down too. So how did all this happen? I was following our ladies in @thedlasvegas when I was stopped and pulled to the side. I was told I could not enter because I have tattoos from the neck up. I laughed and seriously thought they were joking until he gave me his whole dress code speech. While the ladies were inside waiting and confused on what was going on, their hotel bouncers/security were trying to take photos of their IDs to remember where they lived because of how beautiful they look. Keep in mind their “upper extremities” were exposed and they never denied them access. Instead they showered them with creepy sexual comments and stated they wanted to take them home. It was a good thing they never brought this to my attention until we walked way down the street because they knew I would’ve really made a problem. With @vegasbikefest coming up, just wanted to let all the homies know who’re covered in art that you might not want to book a room at @thedlasvegas unless you’re cool with getting profiled and having your ladies sexually harassed. Anyways to The D hotel and casino, good luck with all that dress code stuff and FUCK YOU! #babyboomerrules #thedhotel #lasvegas

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The D's new dress code had barred those with face and neck tattoos from entering the hotel-casino. However, the employee heard in the video said that the policy, which was to be enforced on Friday and Saturday nights, banned more than certain tattoos.

"If you're a lady and you're exposing a little bit too much, you're upper extremities, then we can't let them in either," the employee in the video said.

In a statement provided to FOX5, The D said it determined that limiting face and neck tattoos was "overreaching."

Upon reopening, in an effort to keep both our guests and employees safe, we implemented several strict door policies, including ID scanners, extra police officers on property, temperature scanning and a more restrictive dress code. In evaluating our policy, we determined that limiting face and neck tattoos was overreaching and we have since rectified.

A request for information on what other policies were included in the dress code was not immediately returned Friday morning.

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(4) comments


There went 1/2 the California business.


Good idea. No gang members and ex-felons allowed to start trouble in a casino, and no prostitutes walking the casino floor spreading covid and god knows what else.


Don't worry because the country will be shutting down again. This virus is ramping up. Las Vegas has record number cases and people are cancelling trips here. The writing was on the wall. Casinos help spread the virus big time. I couldn't believe how packed by locals some of these casinos were and no masks worn. What good will a temperature check do? The virus is airborne so time for Sisolak to act or the results of re-opening will prove fatal.


Yup, I'm surprised we aren't closed already. I predicted we would towards the end of July before August.

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