Losee and Lone Mtn crash

North Las Vegas police investigate a crash at Losee and Lone Mountain on Friday, Feb. 14. (Kristal Gonzalez)

NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas police are investigating after two kids were struck by a truck Friday afternoon.

According to North Las Vegas Police spokesperson Eric Leavitt, about 3:30 p.m., a 9-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy were struck at Losee Road and Lone Mountain, near Somerset Academy.

According to North Las Vegas Police, the siblings were walking northbound in the crosswalk before they were hit.

Mark Kline Mug Shot

Mark Kline, 47, was driving the truck that hit the kids. Kline stayed on scene and was working with police. 

The kids were transported to University Medical Center in critical condition.

Investigators determined that Kline was distracted at the time of the crash. He was taken into custody and faces charges of failure to maintain the lane, failure to give time and attention while driving and two charges of failure to use due care around pedestrians.

A mother with an 11-year-old son at Somerset Academy said she was sad to hear what happened to the siblings but not surprised. 

She did not want to be identified but she said, "I've almost been hit by a parent and I've seen several kids almost get hit." 

On Somerset Academy's website, it says parents can only drop-off or pick-up students in the "carloop." The mother told FOX5 elementary, middle and high school students get dismissed within about 20 minutes of each other. She said with so many parents picking up at once,  traffic backs up onto Losee Road.

Some parents park in a nearby shopping center instead. 

"I park at Lowe's and pick him up and walk with him but a lot of parents don't so there's kids from elementary age to high school that are just walking across either the desert or the parking lot," said the mother. 

The brother and sister who were hit were walking through the desert area, trying to get to a bridge that brings them to a neighborhood and another pick up spot for parents. 

"I hope the school takes it seriously and allows parents to park in their parking lot and drop them off and pick up safely." 

Two kids hit by truck Somerset Academy

A letter was sent home to families of Somerset Academy North Las Vegas regarding today's incident.


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(4) comments


Goolge Map this intersection and it is clear the city of North Las Vegas was perfectly OK building this crosswalk, decorating the area, paving a walkway from the school to the thing and also providing a nice bus stop. How any of this is the schools fault is not true. This is another failure of stupid Government. Laws which are not enforced are not laws.


This is the result of a town which refuses to enforce existing Traffic Laws and refuses to properly manage street speed limits and other rules as growth envelops Las Vegas. The driver should be facing Manslaughter charges minimum. Driving is not a joke. Speeding kills and surfing your phone while drining it totally negligent behavior. The article makes it sound like the driver out of his good nature stopped to aid police. Sorry YOU are require to stop. You are also required to slow down always and really slow down when pedestrians are present. I hope he gets 20 years to life. But as we know the Courts here are as well a joke as the Street departments and Police are.


Really hope these little kids pull through!!!!

Not surprising that the racists and xenophobes are commenting though.....if he wasnt a white man I'm sure this comment section be full of disgusting comments


[censored] so..everyone is going to excuse the school and the principal? She has known about this traffic issue since the beginning of the year and has not addressed it. They could do as other schools have done and hire crossing guards or request the police presence. The guy isn’t being excused for his actions but this traffic problem has been here all year! I’ve personally spoke to the principal about it and ask why she will not have her staff out in safety vest crossing kids and she said it was a “safety” issue for her staff. She needs to removers from her position immediately due to ineffective leadership.

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