It’s been nearly one year since Tashii Brown-Farmer died in the custody of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Investigations revealed Brown-Farmer was unarmed at the time of his arrest, and was not committing a crime. However, he was stunned seven times with a taser gun and one of the arresting officers put him in an unapproved choke-hold before he died.

At a press conference, shortly after the Brown-Farmer’s death, Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference announcing a formal review of the arresting officers tactics.

“This process will allow the department to hold officer Lopera accountable for the internal policies, training and decision making during this incident, Lombardo said.

The body camera footage released by Metro Police sparked protests in the valley, along with the arrest of former Metro Police Officer Kenneth Lopera. Lopera was charged with involuntary manslaughter and oppression under color of office.

According to valley attorney Andre Lagomarsino, one person has been unable to watch the video leading up to Brown-Farmer’s death: his mother Trinita Farmer.

“Till this day she hadn’t watched the video,” Lagomarsino said. “My client, Trinita has been grieving and it hasn’t gotten any better. She was very close with Tashii. They lived together, so it’s been especially hard for her to lose him, especially on Mother’s Day, the anniversary of his death.”

Lagomarsino, who represents Farmer, said Farmer plans to spend her Mother’s Day gearing up to file a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

“By killing Tashii the way they did ... they violated his constitutional rights,” Lagomarsino said. “There was a duty to intervene, and so she is suing for the loss of her relationship with her son.”

The attorney said the point of the lawsuit is to bring change in police policy.

“(We want) to not allow LVNR restraints or later vascular neck restraints ... So nobody else has to go through what she’s going through," Lagomarsino said.

Metro arrested Lopera, the officer who used that restraint. calling it an unapproved choke-hold.

“Even if there is an unapproved choke-hold being used, the sergeant was there and should have intervened, and didn’t do so.”

Most importantly, Lagomarsino said she doesn’t want anyone to forget what happened to her son in police custody.

Lopera’s criminal case has gone to a grand jury and according to the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, he is awaiting jury deliberation.

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To recap: #TashiiBrown died in custody, one of the arresting officers used what Metro is calling an unapproved chokehold and tased him 7 times.— Chernéy Amhara (@CherneyAmharaTV) May 3, 2018

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