Surveillance video of road rage shooting

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police released surveillance video of a fatal "road rage" shooting downtown on Monday night.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas Metropolitan Police released surveillance video of a fatal "road rage" shooting downtown on Monday night. 

Officers responded just after 8 p.m. to 1101 E. Bonanza Road, near Maryland Parkway, where they said a man was shot.

In the video released Thursday, two men, one wearing a black jacket, the other in a gray sweater, are seen exiting a convenience store. They stopped briefly in the doorway, then walked toward a car.

Another man wearing black, came toward the men throwing punches. Police said he is the victim in this case, identified by the Clark County Coroner as Anthony James Blount, 41. The man in the black jacket, swung back and threw the other Blount to the ground. The video shows him getting up and running out of the camera's view.

Another man, in a red shirt, approached the two men, and the man in the gray sweater is seen pointing what appears to be a gun in that man’s direction.

Another surveillance camera inside the store shows the man in the black jacket handing what appears to be a gun to the cashier. The man in the gray sweater then reenters the store and takes what appears to be a gun back from the cashier. The two men are then seen leaving the store.

Blount died of a gunshot wound to his chest. His death was ruled a homicide. 

On scene, Lt. Ray Spencer said the incident started as a "road rage altercation" outside of the 7-Eleven.

anthony blount

Anthony Blount, right, was shot and killed during a road rage incident, police said. 

A yellow car was traveling southbound on Maryland when two men apparently jaywalked in front of the car, Spencer said. The two men and Blount got into an argument. 

The two men then went toward the 7-Eleven, Blount parked the car and approached the men in front of the store, police said.

According to police, the initial disagreement quickly escalated. 

One of the men and Blount got into a fistfight, Spencer said, when a gun was produced and one of the men shot the driver once.

"Turning to violence is not the answer," Lt. Spencer said. "The best thing is to go on about your business or I wouldn't be out here right now."

Blount was taken to UMC Trauma where he died. 

Around the neighborhood, pedestrians were questioning their own safety after police said the driver followed the two jaywalkers. 

"I'd feel like someone is chasing me," said Christian Gordon, a pedestrian who lives nearby. "I'd feel like a target."

"Honestly, I believe in minding your own business," said Jason Foley, who lives nearby. "If something doesn't directly affect you, or if they didn't hit my car with a baseball bat, I'm not going to pull over."

The two suspects fled the scene and had not been caught as of Thursday.

"If you all are fighting, and beat him up, why shoot him and kill him?" said Ashley Jenkins. "Whoever his mother is -- is not going to have a child for Thanksgiving or Christmas."

However, one opinion has been heavily debated.

"You're getting chased and then he gets out the car and wants to fight you," said Gordon. "I feel like that is a sign of self defense."

Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Altig said proving self-defense has strict guidelines.

"The statute says it has to be absolutely necessary to prevent either death or great bodily injury," said Altig. "The person that did the shooting, would have to feel their life was about to be taken."

Altig suggested if people find themselves on the receiving end of road rage, that they should call 9-1-1.

"Definitely a tragic incident," Spencer said. "It was completely avoidable."

The suspects were both described as black males between 18 and 22 years old and both stood approximately 5’6” to 5’8” tall. One suspect was last seen wearing a grey sweater and black pants. The other was last seen wearing a black jacket and a white tee shirt.

Anyone with information was encouraged to call police at 702-828-3521.

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