Suspects break into home while nine year old boy sleeps on couch

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Three teenagers were caught on camera breaking into a local man’s home.

They got away with his car and some other valuables, but Mark Lenhart said the scariest part of it all was that his son was sleeping on the couch, just feet away from the criminals.

On Nov. 28, Lenhart woke up to his neighbor knocking at his door near East Tropicana Avenue and Boulder Highway.

“He told me that my garage door was hallway open.”

The neighbor also noticed Lenhart’s car was not parked in its usual spot.

“I was shocked I couldn’t believe my car was gone,” he said.

That’s not all that was missing. The suspects took his Xbox and left. The clear video surveillance shows the suspects then quickly returned to steal even more stuff.

“They took my wallet that had my driver’s license, my debit cards, my credit cards, some cash in it.”

Fortunately, they didn’t touch his 9-year-old son sleeping on the couch.

“I was panicking at the moment because I couldn’t believe someone came within feet of my son,” he said.

The family dog tried to wake up the boy by licking his face but apparently his son is aheavy sleeper.

Lenhart said next to panic, he was mostly just angry.

“To look over while he’s sleeping ... you see somebody there and you still process to take things that don’t belong to you and then scurry out of here.”

The guys can then be seen on surveillance scurrying off in Lenhart’s 2015 Dodge Journey.

Lenhart used a tracking device in his car and found it later that morning – but no suspects.

Metro police said they are investigating the break in. They said the teens are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.

Police also said the teens probably just wanted to harm property, not people, and that’s why they left the 9-year-old alone.

Lenhart admits a small mistake on his part is what allowed the teens to get inside in the first place: he said he accidentally left his car unlocked, which is normally never does. 

“The one night,” he said.

Lenhart said he spotted the group of teens trying to get into other people’s cars in the neighborhood but they got lucky with his.

Now he wants to warn others.

“Don’t leave anything valuable in your car. Don’t leave your garage door clicker, don’t leave your gate opener clicker to your neighborhood if you got one, even registration. There’s a lot of things people can do with that,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Metro police or CrimeStoppers. 

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