A woman was arrested for abandoning Pomeranians with no food nor water, according to Clark County jail records.

Noella Velasco was arrested Tuesday and faces 20 charges of animal cruelty after she was accused of abandoning more than 100 dogs in a moving truck last year. Bail for Velasco, 66, was set for $30,000.

A court in Goodsprings, Nevada had issued arrest warrants Velasco, an alleged dog breeder, and Kevin MacCormack who said he worked for Velasco as a handyman. MacCormack was arrested on May 15.

In addition to Velasco, MacCormack also faces 20 charges of animal cruelty in connection to the abandonment of 164 Pomeranians inside of a U-Haul truck in the 3000 block of Tonto Street in Sandy Valley on Nov. 29, 2017. The animals were left without food or water, according to investigators.

According to Velasco's arrest report, she said she knew she had too many dogs and had asked San Bernardino Animal Control for help to re-home them. She said they told her they could only house about 15 dogs. Velasco "became concerned because the Animal Control sounded too interested in taking all the dogs and selling some and euthanizing the rest. Noella said she felt scared about what was going to happen to her dogs." Knowing Animal Control would come back in a week, she decided to load the dog into a U-Haul truck and move them before Animal Control returned. She said her plan was to move the dogs to MacCormack's inlaw's place in Sandy Valley and bring them back after Animal Control had left.

Police said they cut the lock on the 26-foot U-Haul truck to get the dogs out, who had no food or water. They were unattended for nearly 22 hours without food, water or care, and would have been left for another 12 hours, according to a statement given by Velasco.

"(Velasco) took a trusting animal and tried to profit off of them without any regard for their health," Katrina Concepcion said. Concepcion adopted one of the abandoned Pomeranians. "(She) deserves the consequences."

The arrest report said that MacCormack helped Velasco load and transport the dogs and was aware of the conditions they were living in.

The rescued animals were taken to The Animal Foundation Las Vegas for a 72-hour legal regulation hold during the investigation. Many had feces and dirt matted into their fur, according to the arrest report. The animal foundation confirmed one Pomeranian was euthanized after complications giving birth. All the others have been adopted, according to the foundation.

Velasco is also dealing with county code issues out of California. According to a San Bernardino County spokesperson, Velasco violated multiple county codes in the month of March, including having 18 dogs on her property. She was also cited for other violations including sanitary, drainage, and electric issues on her property.

The spokesperson said Velasco was working with code enforcement to resolve the problems.

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