Jan. 15, 2020 robbery

Suspect in Jan. 15, 2020 robbery. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police said a man beat up and robbed a woman in a Fremont Street elevator on Wednesday.

According to a media release, the robbery happened about 9:21 p.m. on Jan. 15 on the 300 block of Fremont Street. The property was not identified. 

Police said a man was in the elevator with an elderly woman. When the door opened, she started to leave when he grabbed her and put her into a headlock. On surveillance video, the man is seen throwing her to the floor and punching her face several times. 

The man then took her purse and hid it in his sweater as he left the elevator. Police said her purse was found nearby a short time later.

The man was described as 5'11" to 6'2" tall in a black hooded sweater, black pants, black shoes, black glasses and a black baseball cap.

Police provided video that can be seen at this link. Warning: The video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. 

Anyone with information is urged to call police at (702) 828-4313. To remain anonymous, contact CrimeStoppers

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(17) comments


No access to video thru link.. can't let people see that stereotypes are true


"Tall Black man violently strikes unsuspecting elderly Asian woman in an elevator" Hate Crime.

bottom and company

It's remains a puzzle what American diversity liberals have to lose when pit vipers like this end up shot. Because let there be no misunderstanding, there's plenty of people put on this earth just to take a bullet.


If Obama had a son. Oh wait just one of the 13 percent. Hunt him down metro

Ricky Jordan

Perhaps you should say what the race of the suspect is so it will be more likely that the suspect is apprehended - is the suspect black or white? I'll answer my own question: the suspect is black.


I moved away from NYC to get away from animals like that


Honestly, NYC is probably cleaner than Vegas.


This POS isn't smart enough to leave the area. Let's find him.


Usual Suspect.Shoot on Site.


I'm surprised they are that smart to even do something like that. And then they want to be given everything. Their illegal daddy gave them everything he could while in DC


You go to all that detail in describing “The Man” but fail to include his obvious race or color. The Man is Black. Say it. You can do it.

Jimmy coors

13-90 criminal activity,looks like an obummer family member! Rotten animal.


Why can’t you just say he is black? The article will not even say it.


"The property was not identified." Anyone who has been downtown knows this is the D from the video and images.


typical vegas dirtbag. this is Vegas now. that thug needs to be exterminated. I hope the police take him out.




So he dressed like a ninja and violently robbed an older woman. What a tough guy. Happy hunting, Metro.

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