HENDERSON (FOX5) -- A Henderson homeowner said he caught a man trying to steal a catalytic converter on his neighbor’s car near Sunset and Whitney Drive at the end of July.

Donray Buchanan says he’s lucky to be alive and talk about the incident after he confronted the suspect, who allegedly pointed a gun at him and fired.

Police have arrested Marco Antonio Tamez for the incident. He is now facing several charges including assault with a deadly weapon.

An arrest report indicates Henderson Police were able to obtain surveillance video of the suspect’s truck, which they say was stolen. Officer then showed that video to a catalytic converter task force. The task force shares information on valley wide catalytic converter thefts between the North Las Vegas, Las Vegas Metro and Henderson police departments.

The arrest report says Metro officers not only recognized the truck, but say Tamez was driving it. The arrest report indicates Tamez was already known to officers as being involved in catalytic converter thefts as well as stolen vehicles.

The report indicates Tamez tried to elude officers as they were conducting surveillance on him. They said he took off in the suspected stolen truck, dumped it downtown, stole another car and got away. But police later found Tamez at his home, arrested him and booked him into jail.

The arrest report indicates Tamez admitted to being at the crime scene, had a gun and pointed it at Buchanan, but he said someone else fired a shot.

The arrest reports says officers found a receipt in the stolen truck that they say Tamez used in the incident involved Donray Buchanan.

The arrest report says that receipt was from a Las Vegas recycling business for “catalytic converters.”

FOX5 called the business and was told that it buys catalytic converters from people but a government issued ID is necessary to do so. The business said it would check whether Tamez sold converters there. A person who identified themselves as a manger also said cashiers no longer ask questions about where people obtain their catalytic converter as a matter of safety to cashiers. They told us a customer once became upset with a cashier when they started asking questions about where the catalytic converter came from.

It is not illegal to sell converters at scrap yards. The manager told us the business has worked with police on the issue, by showing police surveillance video of some of the people who’ve sold catalytic converters at the business.

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Typical low iq Mexican stealing from the hard working people!


If you see someone stealing your catalytic converter, never confront them.

Just kick the jack out of the way and go back in the house. One of your neighbors will hear his screams and call an ambulance.

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