LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Unions representing support staff for the Clark County School District have filed a grievance over continuing payroll issues brought on by a new payroll system.

Teamsters Local 14 and the Education Support Employees Association have joined forces on issuing the grievance with a sense of urgency. 

“We need them paid now. Not Wednesday, not next week, not two weeks, not to wait for the grievance. We need them paid now,” said Larry Griffith, secretary of the treasury for Teamsters Local 14.

FOX5 obtained a copy of the grievance against the district. 

In it, the unions cite a violation of vacation pay, overtime pay, and sick pay among other complaints.

Support staff like custodians, school bus drivers and substitute teachers say their paychecks have been short for several payroll cycles.

“The last time I got paid was Wednesday and I was short $400 dollars,” said Marquis Lewis, a custodian at James B. McMillan Elementary School. “It’s hard, I have to scramble to call the power company, the gas company, to say hey, let me do a payment arrangement.”

Most are getting underpaid while others are being over paid and then asked to pay the money back.  

Support staff say the issue is getting critical now. After several incorrect paychecks, many of them are telling union reps they are being forced to borrow money from family members and credit unions just to make ends meet.

“Nobody should have to borrow money from family members to pay their bills for hours they have worked and that’s exactly what we’re seeing happen,” said Alexander Marks, the communication director for Education Support Employees Association.

At a Thursday night board meeting, CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara said the payroll problems are a high priority issue.

Dr. Jara said his team is working nights and weekends to resolve the problems.

“With each pay cycle, action plans have been put in place to identify root cause of issues and to resolve those issues immediately and in an manner so that they do not reoccur,” Jara said.

Two off cycle paychecks were issued this week to expedite underpayments to employees identified during the most recent payroll.

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