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This week, the World Health Organization classified "gaming disorder" as a mental health condition.

Doctors who already help treat video game addiction say it's a problem that's only going to get worse.

"As a parent, how are we going to compete with a $100 billion industry that's designing games after known reinforcement schedules to make games as habit forming as possible," Dr. Mike Bishop said.

Bishop said video games are designed to be addicting. He agreed with the World Health Organization that gaming disorder should be considered a mental health condition.

"I think its about time for it, people like me that have worked in the field for a long time we have known that this is an issue it's often the number one thing parents complain about," he said.

So Bishop founded Summerland Camps, summer camps designed for teens who are addicted to video games and social media.

"It is taking them from fulfilling their life purpose and it's hurting their ability to function well at home, in the community at school, and to achieve what they are meant to do," he said.

And while the camp includes typical activities like sports and outdoor activities, it also applies methods psychologists use to help people change other hard to break habits like smoking and overeating.

"Really develop a sense of self-regulation, so not only do we have the tools to start limiting their screen time, they have the desire to start limiting their screen time, because they have bigger goals," Bishop said.

Dr. Bishop also said it's important for avid gamers to set realistic expectations.

"We've got a whole camp right now where everyone's convinced they're going to be the next famous Youtube blogger or video game champion, they're gonna make their millions this way. Maybe one or two of them will be, but statistically, it's like saying 'I want to be a rock star,'" Bishop said.

To learn more about Summerland Camps, go their website.

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