Multiple ambulances responded to Western High School after an incident was reported Oct. 11, 2018.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - A massive brawl at Western High School got the attention of police.

On Thursday, school police used pepper-spray to break the fights up, and by Friday, police increased presence on campus.

“They had two police bikes, four cars parked in the back parking lot,” Rachel Meyer, a Western High School student said. “We weren’t allowed in the cafeteria, it was blocked off and then in the front I saw four more cop cars.”

Some students like Meyer said they don’t believe increasing police presence will solve the problems on campus.

“It’s becoming more like a prison,” Meyer said. “Everyone is just worried. They don’t know what’s going to happen, they don’t know what the resolution is, and it’s the most important thing to come up with because we as students are not second class citizens and deserve the right to feel safe at school.”

According to Clark County School District Police, officials got word of racial tensions between Black and Hispanic students on Monday and it boiled over into a massive fight. But Meyer said that is not how the fights started.

“You know high school has gangs, it’s not real." “It’s not real racial tension. It’s more people trying to prove themselves as more dominant, but it doesn’t warrant pepper-spraying the entire school.”

Meyer said it started with two female students who happen to be African-American and Hispanic. Several other students claim it grew from there into racial tension.

School police said they were working with the school to determine the root cause and try to create a safe learning environment.

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