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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UPDATE: The Secretary of State’s Silverflume business portal continues to experience growing pains after it was revamped in July.

"Because of our difficulties in the beginning, we have stacked up a pretty significant backlog of filings in house," said Secretary of State’s, Kimberley Perondi. "Our goal is to have a perfectly functioning system will all of the available filing types available and all of our backlog caught up by the end of the year."

Many of the initial technical bugs have since been sorted out, but Ron Quinn, who uses the site daily, says it still needs refinement.

"It's been a challenge,” said Quinn. “But at the same time, I think overall in the end, by the end of the year or the first part of next, it could be very beneficial.”

In mid-July, there were changes made to the Secretary of State’s website meant to streamline online services for businesses – but some say it’s only made things worse.

"In theory it should make things easier,” said local business owner, Ron Quinn. “But so far we're finding there's a lot of bugs in it."

The nature of Quinn’s business means he knows his way around the State website, specifically the beefed up “Silverflume” portal, better than most.

"We're on the secretary of State's site every day,” said Quinn. “Whether it's checking up on a corporation, whether it's helping somebody file something."

But Quinn said pretty much anyone doing business in Nevada uses it in one way or another.

"You use the portal to set up corporations, LLC's, state business licenses, which, everyone is required to have to apply for a local business license," said Quinn.

This is why Quinn said it’s causing so many headaches for people since they switched over to the new system back in July.

"They took down the old platform or online platform and they came up with a new platform and they shut down -- they were intended to shut down for about a week -- and it ended up being, what are we now, about five or six weeks later and it's still not 100 percent to what it was before."

This is impacting high profile business owners all the way down to people who drive for Uber and Lyft.

"You may have had people that executed leases or tried to open up their own business but without their state business license they can't go in and get a local license for either Clark County, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas," said Quinn.

FOX5 spoke to a representative from the Secretary of State’s office Wednesday about the issue.

"We understand and are sympathetic to the needs of our customers and we are doing everything we can to meet those needs,” said Chief Deputy Secretary of State, Scott Anderson. “In the long run we feel like the services provided will far surpass those that we have offered in the past."

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