LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As an officer fights for his life at a valley hospital, loved ones of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers gathered Tuesday to pray. 

"They're not robots. They're not super heroes. They're everyday human beings that have families, and are just like everybody else," said Deborah Costello. The wife of a Metro officer reached out to her network of 1,100 other spouses for a prayer group, and invited some to her home.

As clashes between police and protesters intensify nationwide and in the valley, families said they fear for their loved ones' safety more than ever. 

"I can only think of two times in his 14-year career, he walked out the door and left us crying," she said. 

Officer Shay Mikalonis is being treated at University Medical Center and has remained in "grave" condition, police said. 

Costello said families understand the risks of a spouse who protects and serves -- they may not come home. 

"We may be sending him out for the very last time," she said. 

During prayer, singer Wynonna Judd called in via Zoom to offer words of support to the women. 

Costello had a message for those who are protesting: "Protesters have families that want them to come home. We have families that want our loved ones to come home to us," she said.

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These criminals have no compassion. It was up to the governor to put the National Guard out there and he failed again.


I’m not a big fan of Metro Police Officers, for many reasons. So I think I can say this from a fair point of view... what happened in Minnesota was horrible, but this officer clinging for his life, what these “mobs” of “peaceful protestors” have done to our city. It didn’t prove anything. It didn’t change a thing. I despise racism on all sides. ALL LIVES MATTER. I am white and I agree it is more difficult to be black, especially a black man in this country. I have seen it. Things need to change but this wasn’t about change. This was a cinder box waiting to explode. People are tired, hungry, angry, jobless, poor, scared, and have been cooped up for too long. All they needed was an excuse. They got the worst flame possible and it sparked a wildfire.

Yesterday, President Trump said that the violent protestors were ruining the message of the peaceful protestors. He was right. Our Governor called that devising the country and did nothing. Today, a another innocent man is clinging to life, a young 20 year old who probably didn’t even know exactly what he was protesting is dead, we have been shown that thousands can march together with the governor showing no regard for social distancing, but the family of this officer won’t be able to have a funeral in a church of more than 50 people if he doesn’t make it. (Think about that.) This one is on the Governor. I’m sorry but he got mouthy, stopped being humble, forgot about the people, has only been thinking about being re-elected, he’s human, he makes mistakes I get it, but it’s time that he owns this one. It’s on him.

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