LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Parking is the number one complaint city officials said they get about downtown Las Vegas.

But now there is an app to ease parking pain.

Spot Angels takes seconds to download. It shows not only where parking is available but also how much that open spot will cost, so that visitors and locals alike can find the best deal.

“The trick is not to be afraid to walk a little bit,” Cathy Brooks said.

Brooks lives and works downtown. She owns a new business called Hydrant Club, so she has a few tips and tricks when it comes to find that ever-so-elusive empty parking spot.

“I don’t want to tell you all of my secrets though,” she said. “If I tell you my secrets, someone else will take all my secrets and park in my parking spots.”

So, she won’t spill all her secrets. But Brooks admits sometimes, she relies on the power of prayer.

(Spot Angels app)

(Spot Angels app)

“Mother Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking space,” she recited.

Now drivers don’t have to count on divine intervention for some help from Spot Angels.

“Fantastic!” she said. “Other cities have this -- Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles – apps where you’re able to locate a parking spot.”

The City of Las Vegas said its number one complaint about downtown is about parking, so the city teamed up with Spot Angels to make things a lot easier.

“Garage parking, street parking, whether it’s metered parking or free parking,” the city’s Parking Service Manager Brandy Stanley said. “Unlike anything else we’ve had before, it displays where free parking is available as well so that’s going to be a big bonus for some of the locals.”

The app is easy to use. Users can search for the closest parking spot, compares prices and even get an alert if your meter is about to run out or if the car needs to be moved for street sweeping.

“It also has the ability for users to update some of the information which takes the burden off of us because we don’t always know when rates change in buildings that we don’t own,” Stanley said.

The city and downtown regulars hope this will bring peace of mind on the next pursuit for the perfect parking spot.

“So it’s really a win-win for the city the app and our customers,” Stanley said.

“It’s so exciting to hear that Las Vegas is actually doing this,” Brooks said. “It’ll hopefully encourage more people to come downtown.”

The app is here to stay, the city said. The city will be adding signs to its parking meters and garages to encourage people to download the app.

The app is soon expanding to include the Strip. Spot Angels is already available in more than 20 cities nationwide.

Find out more about the app and how it works in Las Vegas here:

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