LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A UNLV startup is using genes to create personalized diets.

Everyone has a different DNA blueprint, and that's why scientists at UNLV say we shouldn't all follow the same diet recommendations.

"Some people really follow these other diets faithfully and they say you know if it works for me it's got to work for everyone, but I don't think that's true,” Dr. Martin Schiller said.

Dr. Martin Schiller is the Executive Director of the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine. Schiller and his team of researchers and students created Food Genes and Me. The genetics based nutrition program is aimed to help improve people's health by identifying illnesses and conditions their body is prone to develop.

"Your interaction with the food on average probably about half of it is coming from your genetics and these 10 million variants that you have,” Schiller said.

In order to get their personalized diet information, people who've used websites like 23andMe and Ancestry can upload their genetic file to foodgenesandme.com. Right away the software scans the data for genetic markers related to hundreds of health conditions.

“For most people we find that from our huge list we find 10 to 15 genetic variants some are more meaningful to people than others,” Schiller said.

The program then matches those genetic markers to a USDA nutrient database to give users suggestions on food options and portion sizes.

"We're just saying you have a risk of possibly getting this disease you should try to eat one of these 5 foods daily,” Schiller said.

The Food Genes and Me team tells me this is just the start as they now work to see if people are getting results and start feeling better after following their personalized diet plans.

"We believe we can really help people doing this,” Schiller said.

Food Genes and Me is looking for people to take part in their free beta testing and give feedback about their results. 

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