(Ted Pretty/FOX5)

(Ted Pretty/FOX5)

HENDERSON, NEV. (FOX5) -- The new U.S. 95 south ramp to the 215 beltway in Henderson is leaving some drivers puzzled and panicked.

"People are confused, they don't know where to go, they have to go all the way around so everyone's rushing, so I feel it’s frustrating,” one driver said.

"I was taking my kids to school this morning and we missed the exit and we had to drive for a while before we could do a U-turn,” said another driver.

And they’re not alone, several drivers FOX5 talked to also missed the new exit ramp during the first two days it's been open.

"I didn't see either day that it was closed until I actually passed it, so I had to go up and do the full turn around it wasn't as bad the second time, but it’s definitely an issue,” a driver told FOX5.

Nevada Department of Transportation permanently relocated the U.S. 95 southbound ramp to the 215 beltway north and combined it with the Lake Mead Boulevard exit under the Auto Show Drive bridge.

The change went into effect Tuesday, Dec. 18. It caused confusion and big backups as drivers who accidentally passed the relocated ramp, made their way down the 95 to exit on Horizon Ridge Parkway and turn around.

“The exit is backed all the way up so it’s definitely something everyone’s doing,” one driver said.

According to NDOT, the goals of the project are to improve safety and mobility, as well as reduce high-speed rear end accidents on U.S. 95 south.

While it’s going to take some getting used to, drivers are hopeful it will soon make for a smoother commute.

“Anything to alleviate some of the traffic, I’m glad they’re working on the roads because they need it.” one driver said.

Find a video from NDOT with details on the new freeway ramp configuration by clicking here.

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