suspects break into a car on Maverick Street

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Neighbors in a northwest valley neighborhood said they are fed up after several homes and cars were broken into over the last week.

It happened near Jones Boulevard and West Lone Mountain Road.

Homeowners said the criminals didn’t get away with anything too valuable – they mostly just went through their cars and garages.

Except for John Klemz. About four days ago, he said his truck was “ransacked” and the thieves took off with a pendent he had hanging from his rear-view mirror. Inside the pendent was his son’s ashes.

Klemz said he liked the comfort of knowing his son was there with him and even talked to him sometimes.

“Usually I talk to him when it starts swinging down the street and I tell him to calm down.”

Klemz lives on Royal Indigo Street. He said he isn't worried about the money or sunglasses that are also missing because unlike the pendent, those are replaceable.

“My wife was in the truck with me when she figured it out so it was kind of an emotional moment,” he said.

A woman who lives two houses down from Klemz experienced a very similar situation. She said suspects broke into her garage and stole some of her tools and her daughter’s skateboard.

David Schrieber lives nearby on Maverick Street. His surveillance video caught a few suspects breaking into his car, as well.

“They kind of cruised up. It was a hit and run and I’m sure they did the whole entire street that way. At 2:30 in the morning nobody’s really that alert and watching,” Schrieber said.

Clear surveillance video from Schrieber's house showed two suspects jump out of a white car before it even came to a complete stop. One of the suspects ran out of the camera’s view while the other starts searching through one of the cars in the driveway with a flash light. 

“They were looking for something obviously very big and portable … they were gone in like two minutes, tops.”

And it didn’t stop there. Another neighbor on Bronco Lane showed more surveillance video. This time, a boy on a bike pulled up to their truck in the driveway and pulls on the door handles. Nothing opened, so he left.

These neighbors said the suspects looked young. Metro police confirmed they were called out for a few of the burglaries but not all of the victims filed a police report. 

Police said whenever they have multiple break-ins they always look to see if they’re connected.

Some of the victims said they plan to add more cameras and be more diligent about locking their vehicles.

Meanwhile Klemz said he’s be checking pawn shops for his son’s pendent and is hoping it will turn up. 

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