LAS VEGAS(FOX5)-- Governor Steve Sisolak's order to social distance is preventing a family from paying their final respects to a loved one.

Virginia Ureno passed away on March 15, 2020. She's had a plot at the Palm Mortuary near Eastern Ave. and Warm Springs Rd. since her husband died in 2001. 

They had a custom bench made with their last name, Ureno. The name has been carried on for generations. 

"She has four children, 19 grandchildren and just close to 25 great grandchildren," said Georgina Parra-Ureno. 

Georgina is Virginia's daughter-in-law. She said the whole family made travel arrangements and planned to say their last goodbyes on April 4th. Now only 10 can go. 

"Her immediate family’s not being able to say their last goodbyes to her? That’s disheartening," said Georgina. 

She said the general manager won't allow her family to rotate ten people at a time at the grave-site.  

Georgina said her husband is disabled and his siblings are sick too.

"So you have the four siblings who are ill and they’re only allowed six more people. Who's to carry her casket? Who’s to help them fulfill her final wishes?" said Georgina.  

Georgina already paid more than $16,000 for the casket, services, flowers, burial, and she paid extra for a Saturday in the large chapel.

"Coming from a catholic family, you know, it’s just what we do." 

Since she doesn’t need the large chapel anymore, she asked if she could get some of her money back.

"There was no comment on it," said Georgina. 

Money aside, Georgina just wants her family to be able to say goodbye to the tough woman who taught generations of children how to cook and sew.

She wants her family to have closure.

"Especially the kids, the young ones. They keep asking for her. They keep asking, 'well why is she with the angels? Where is she? When are we going to see her to see that she goes with the angels?'" 

A call to the Palm Mortuary was not returned before this story aired. 

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Tell that commie governor to stick it. They can't tell you what to do. Only Martial Law can keep you from doing things. I hope the jerks funeral is soon

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