Silverado High School students walk out over gun violence

Students at Silverado High School took part in a national walk out protesting gun violence.

Students at Silverado High School took part in a national walk out, protesting gun violence Wednesday.

“That could have been one of my friends, that could have been my school, that could have been me,” Silverado High School sophomore Leila Barrillos said.

Barrillos along with about 75 other students took part in the walk out, and rallied for 17 minutes. Each minute represented a life lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Students were recorded chanting the phrase “gun control now.”

“That’s what we need,” Barrillos said.

Students echoed the cry for gun control across the country. Walk outs took place in multiple states including Arizona, Minnesota and New Jersey.

In Florida, students filled the state capitol steps and demanded change.

“I took it personally,” Silverado High School Senior Jonny Angelo said.

Angelo said he views tragedies like the one in Parkland, Florida differently after the massacre in Las Vegas.

“Until something really major happens, you don’t know the magnitude of everything going on in the world,” Angelo said.

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Barrillos and Angelo said they plan to take part in future walk outs until the violence stops.

“Only here is where we are seeing all these shootings,” Barrillos said. “Clearly the problem can be fixed.”

The Clark County School District does not support local walk outs, a spokesperson said.

“It is so important during these times that we talk with our students about how a walkout is not necessary and that we are all working together to optimize school safety,” Roseanne Richards with CCSD said in an email to district principals.

Other rallies are expected in the coming months including one on April 20, to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Amid the cry for gun reform, on Tuesday, the president announced a push to ban bump stocks, the same device used by the Las Vegas shooter. On Wednesday, Trump had a sit-down meeting with survivors of different school shootings.

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