LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Proposing to the love of your life is a big deal, and one local man knew he had to go big when he popped the question last February.

Ryan Matson is behind the love letter mural in downtown Las Vegas. He came up with the idea after riding bikes with his then-girlfriend Shannon Lutz through the Arts District. 

"Murals are big to us and it's something I wanted to do," Matson said. "It just kind of grew from that point forward."

So, he enlisted the help of artist Tony Castillo to help with the proposal.

"Ryan reached out to me and told me had a plan and needed an artist. He wanted to make it look like a handwritten note," Castillo said. "I came in the night, knocked it out in a couple of hours."

The mural is designed to look like a love letter kids pass in school.

"Do you like me? Yes or no, but on a much larger scale," Castillo said.

Lutz even got to check the "yes" box, with a can of pink spray paint.

"I turn the corner and it was right there, and that's when my face dropped," Lutz said. "I was so shocked and awed."

The mural, which is across from a A Chapel of Love, has become a staple in downtown over the last year, with people from all over stopping to take a picture.

Matson and Lutz are also the owners of Bungalow Coffee Co., which is set to open soon in downtown.

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