munchkin corgi

Munchkin the corgi (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A senior dog got a second chance at life thanks to a Las Vegas family and rescue.

Munchkin, a 10-year-old Corgi, was almost euthanized by owners that wanted to make room for a puppy. The local vet office asked for the healthy dog to be surrendered rather than put down.

"He's perfectly healthy he has a wonderful disposition. It just seems crazy to me,” said Michele Padilla, who adopted Munchkin. "Unfortunately, this happens more than anyone of us would like to know. Munchkin was very lucky. It does happen that they kind of get dumped."

Munchkin was given to local rescue A Home 4 Spot, where his story gained a lot of attraction and attention. Padilla was the lucky applicant who took him home.

"He wants all the love all the time,” she said. "He's just a fun-loving amazing dude. Never without a smile."

Padilla is already the proud owner of another senior dog, Bucky. She said the two get along fabulously. Padilla is hoping more people will step up to help senior dogs, who are often in need of homes.

"I'd love for as many people as possible to get out there and adopt those senior dogs. And really give a chance to a senior dog that needs it and could use it and will love you for the rest of their lives."

Padilla is detailing Munchkin’s progress on Instagram here.

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(4) comments


I'll bet the family of so-called humans who wanted their dog killed is pretty nervous right now. It wouldn't take much to find out just who they are, and why they thought it was a good idea to dump their elderly dog like so much garbage. They need to be named and shamed. Kudos to the vet clinic, the rescue, and the Padilla family for saving Munchkin from such thoughtless folks.


I thought most people found that the old dog helps train the young one, at least that is the way at my house. I can not think of getting rid of an old dog who has loved and trusted you, to get a puppy. What an example for children.

just sayin'

Nothing wrong with their "old" dog, lets have it killed and get a new one, "putting it down" is a nice way of saying, "killing" it. People like that should not be allowed to own any animals. Glad the Vet had the sense to suggest adoption.


What lowlifes to turn in their old dog for a puppy. Despicable people....

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