Bail set at $500K for Las Vegas teen accused of raping classmates

Maysen Melton appears in court on Jan. 25, 2018. (Dylan Kendrick/FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A second lawsuit has been filed against the Clark County School District alleging the district didn't do enough to keep a student accused of sexual assault out of public schools. 

Maysen Melton, 17, was accused of raping multiple girls at Shadow Ridge High School and Palo Verde High School. The lawsuit, filed July 31 by "Jane Roe," also names him and his parents, Justin and Stephanie Melton.

The first lawsuit was filed in May by another anonymous student, who accused Melton of raping her on March 7, 2017. 

The new lawsuit alleges that the victim went to his home to study math in February of 2017 when Melton tied her up and raped her. 

Both lawsuits echo Melton's past of "sexual deviancy," including a two-day suspension when he was 9 years old and attending Bracken Elementary School. The lawsuit also noted he was suspended in April 2015 while enrolled at Cadwallader Middle School for groping a girl.

The lawsuit alleges that Melton's parents and the school district continued "to allow Maysen to attend CCSD schools with a complete disregard for the safety of other students," and that it was "foreseeable that Maysen would continue sexually assaulting CCSD students, including Jane Roe."

The Jane Roe lawsuit also alleges that he threatened to kill her family if she told anyone about the assault. The lawsuit claims she suffered embarrassment and humiliation as a result of the district's handling of her case, and that her schoolwork and mental well-being suffered. 

The second lawsuit sought awards for nine causes of action all in amounts exceeding $15,000 per cause of action including:  

  • negligence
  • CCSD's inaction or inaction
  • injuries for assault, battery and infliciton of emotional distress
  • false imprisonment
  • negligence per se against Melton
  • negligence per se against CCSD
  • general and special damages and punitive damages

A juvenile certified to adult court, Melton is set for a criminal trial in January 2020. He faces 24 charges including sexual assault and using a minor to produce child pornography.

If found guilty, he could face multiple life sentences.

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