LAS VEGAS (FOX5) --  A new fad on the Las Vegas Strip involving mobility scooters has police officers warning the public about safety. 

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the scooter fad blossomed over the last few months. People are renting the scooters who are not disabled and riding carelessly, sometimes riding intoxicated.

In some instances people on the scooters were committing crimes.

Police described one incident where a rider jumped off the scooter and stabbed another person. The stabbing suspect was later arrested, police said.

Other events have resulted in several people being injured.

Scooters are being used on crowded walkways which creates dangerous situations for the public.

The law states that anyone riding a scooter can't go over 5.5 miles per hour. People are riding side-by-side which is also against the law.

Police are seeing people ride two at a time on a scooter and text while riding.

Scooter rental companies told police that young people have been renting often and joy riding for fun.

Officers will start increasing their enforcement surrounding scooters. They want people to stop abusing the scooters.

Companies are working with officers to stop young people from renting.

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Imagine that, people coming to Vegas and doing stupid things to have fun. Who would have thought......


Now we have scooter abuse. The Babylon Bee couldn't even come up with that.


The usual suspects..

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