LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Hau Robert seemed nice enough when he wanted me to rent his nice three bedroom, two bath apartment for the bargain price of only $900 per month.

Little did the scammer know we were onto him from the beginning.

The person posed as real Las Vegas realtor, Robert Hau.

The scammer got Hau’s name backwards and called himself Hau Robert, one red flag this was a scam. FOX5 talked with the actual Robert Hau back in March, and reported on someone trying to rent his home.

Robert Hau was the listing agent for the home, which was for sale. He home was never for rent. But Hau Robert told us the home was for rent and wanted $1800 in a deposit and first month’s rent. He wanted me to go to Walmart to send a payment, another red flag. Hau Robert came up with excuses about why we couldn’t look at the home, yet another red flag. He told me to go look inside the windows and once I sent the payment he would ship the keys within 15 to 24 hours.

The real Robert Hau was more than frustrated about all of this and wanted to speak out to keep people from getting ripped off.

"You got to know if they're doing it to you, it's like a hunter who puts out traps," said Robert Hau. "This person could be anywhere. And they're going to have all their traps out and they're just waiting for somebody to spring that trap and send them some money."

Both the Better Business Bureau and the Nevada State Apartment Association said there are many red flags about this scam.

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In this Oct. 12, 2018, photo, homes fill a small a valley on the outskirts of Reno, Nev. (AP Photo/John Locher)

First, be wary of low rent for a nice place. They say it’s also a big red flag if anyone wants you to initiate payment through a big retailer and purchase gift cards. Suzy Vasquez, Executive Director of the Nevada State Apartment Association, says be suspicious if they don't meet you at the rental unit, don't have keys or let you go inside.

She says also do your homework. She urges people to check out the Clark County Assessor’s website to check the owner of the home. She says it’s another red flag if the person renting the place doesn’t know the name of the owner.

"Your property manager definitely needs to know the owner of the home and should be on a first name basis with that individual,” said Vasquez.

The scammer we contacted stopped communicating with us after we delayed making any payments. We called and left a message but didn’t hear back and we didn't expect to.

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