The Las Vegas 51s on Monday, Sept. 3 (Kristen DeSilva/FOX5)

The Las Vegas 51s on Monday, Sept. 3 (Kristen DeSilva/FOX5)

Baseball fans said one final farewell to Cashman Field Monday afternoon.

The organization will move to a brand new ball park in Summerlin next year, where they will have a new affiliations, logo and the team name. But before they left, they gave 51s fans one more thrilling game, with a walk-off 4-3 win.

At Cashman Field, there are some things you just can’t find anywhere else, between "Beer man" Bruce, Cosmo the alien, and Finn the bat dog. The 51s organization have made the downtown diamond the place to be.

“This is where we spent birthdays, friends, work picnics were here, she had her first baseball game as a baby, when the Rockies came to town, we’ve been here for a long time, so it’s sad,” said 51s fan Jennifer Ebres.

“Sad to see the logo go, the alien theme I think that’s really cool, but everything new will be fun too, always fun to have change, but sad to see this go,” said fan Mary Jo Webber.

The Las Vegas 51s on Monday, Sept. 3 (Vince Sapienza/FOX5)

The Las Vegas 51s on Monday, Sept. 3 (Vince Sapienza/FOX5)

The season finale marked the 2,579th home game at Cashman Field and Monday saw the organization reach the 12 million fan threshold over 36 years.

“What we’ve done in this community is unprecedented,” said 51s President Don Logan. “It will never be replicated as great as the Knights are doing and the Raiders are coming, we’re it, we started this whole thing, what we’ve done to entertain people and be part of the community, those are the things that mean the most to me.”

Fans of all ages grabbed their gloves and their seats one more time to have that one last ballpark beer and brat.

As they say goodbye to the team, the name, the logo, and the field.

“It’s kind of sad that it’s going, there is lots of memories that are going to be lost,” said 51s fan, Emily Ebres.

“We’re glad we came, going to be telling our grandkids came to the last game of the 51s,” said Webber.

“Cashman is great, it will be missed, it really will.”

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