Former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III was traveling 156 mph just 2.5 seconds prior to a fatal crash early Tuesday morning in Las Vegas, according to prosecutors and an arrest report.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III was traveling 156 mph 2.5 seconds prior to a fatal crash early Tuesday morning in Las Vegas, according to prosecutors and an arrest report.

Ruggs made his initial court appearance Wednesday on two felony charges after the fiery crash that left a 23-year-old Las Vegas woman and her dog dead. 


Henry Ruggs III.

According to the report by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, about 3:39 a.m. on Nov. 2, Ruggs was speeding in a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette.

He was traveling northbound in the center lane of Rainbow Boulevard, before veering off into the right lane, colliding with the back of the victim's 2013 Toyota RAV4 near Spring Valley Parkway. His vehicle slowed to 127 mph when the airbag deployed, the report read. Both vehicles traveled more than 500 feet each after impact, police said. Then, the victim's vehicle caught fire.

The Clark County Coroner's Office identified the victim as Tina Tintor of Las Vegas. Her cause and manner of death were not immediately available Wednesday.

Drone footage of crash involving former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III


Multiple witnesses saw the incident and stopped to render aid. Due to the severity of the smoke and flames, no one was able to extricate the driver of the Toyota, who was trapped inside the RAV4. According to the report, she and her dog died after being unable to escape the vehicle engulfed in flames.

Following the crash, police conducted a field sobriety test. During the investigation, Ruggs appeared argumentative and uncooperative with police, prosecutors said. They state that he had a blood-alcohol level of .161, which is more than twice the legal limit in Nevada. After a search, a loaded firearm was found in the Chevrolet's floorboard. It was seized as evidence.

Ruggs was taken to UMC Trauma before his arrest. According to an impaired driving report, Ruggs' blood was first drawn at UMC at 5:26 a.m.

In the hospital, the officer who wrote the report said Ruggs yelled at him to "get him out of there." The officer asked Ruggs if he remembered what happened, and he did not. Asked if he could open his eyes, Ruggs did not respond.

He "stated he was going home" and was mumbling, according to the report. Ruggs then attempted to rip out his IVs and remove the monitor from his finger, the officer wrote. As medical staff arrived, he yelled at them to "get me the [expletive] out of here."

While in the hospital, Rugg's girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, who also goes by Rudy Washington, told police they had been drinking mai tais at TopGolf with friends before going to another friend's house. She told police she ordered two and was unsure how many drinks Ruggs had. She said before the crash, she was on her phone in the passenger seat when she heard Ruggs say, "What is this guy doing?" Kilgo-Washington said Ruggs began to brake, then the car slid, leading to the collision. 

A witness said Ruggs' body was "laying on the road" after the crash, with his feet still inside the car. During Wednesday's court hearing, he appeared in a neck brace and wheelchair. 

The defense described Ruggs during the hearing as a "great teammate and community member" who had never been in trouble.

Court records show Ruggs was cited for using a cell phone while driving and for driving as a resident with a non-Nevada drivers license in April. He paid a $423 ticket in May. 

Judge Joe Bonaventure set his bail at $150,000, under the condition of electronic monitoring, though the state had pushed for $1 million bail. As part of the stipulations, Ruggs must also wear a device to monitor drinking and other controlled substances. He cannot drive and must surrender his passport.

Additional charges related to the illegal firearm are pending.

Ruggs posted bail and was released from the Clark County Detention Center on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday afternoon, Las Vegas police confirmed that officers transported Ruggs to his residence after he was released from custody.

According to LVMPD Officer Misael Parra, Ruggs was transported via Las Vegas police for multiple reasons:

  • Due to his high-level electronic monitoring, which has a condition of an initial home inspection and can include frequent home inspections.
  • Ruggs' current medical condition

Officer Para added that Las Vegas police transporting individuals upon release from custody is "not uncommon." He added that they have inmates with medical conditions or those that have court orders for electronic monitoring and have to be taken to those specific facilities.

"At the end of the day, inmates are in our custody, so if anything happens, we’re responsible," Para said.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the year of the vehicle.

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(7) comments


May he have a lot of unwanted and unprotected sex in prison. He should have been the one to burn alive and conscious because of his selfishness and stupidity.


May karma happen swiftly for this thug.


Why would anyone have any respect or concern, for this over paid thug that took an innocent life and a precious pets life, because of complete ignornace ?? I have never ever been a Raiders fan, and this only strengthens the reason of why. Between Gruden and this piece of trash, send them back to Oakland from where they came. And take their fans back with them too.


You don't release this thug driving at 156 mph, you keep him locked up! He took the life of this innocent girl and her precious dog. They died horribly because of the actions of this man and to top it off the NFL protects his pay which is so wrong and immoral!!! The Raiders need to make this right and stop defending this man because the speed and alcohol were both decisions that had consequences!!! As a Nevadan I cannot support this team because it would be immoral!


I also will not support this team, but I don't think "thug" is accurate. I would go with a privileged egotistic vainglorious immature moron who's actions have taken an innocent life.


He was driving one of those new Vettes when he hit the other car from behind at 156MPH. I can't even imagine going that fast on Rainbow, between Trop & Flamingo.


A "lapse in judgment"? Mr. Ruggs used zero judgment, so it's pretty unlikely he had any to have lapsed. Maybe he'll acquire some after a few decades behind bars.

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