Retired Metro Police detective gives insight on 1 October body cam videos

A retired Metro Police detective analyzed the 1 October body camera videos. (Photo: LVMPD)

A retired Metro Police homicide detective gave insight to the newly released 1 October police body camera videos.

Detective Phil Ramos watched the video and said he can only imagine what was going through those detectives' minds as they stood outside Stephen Paddock’s hotel room door.

“The thing that struck me was how tense and how stressful it was for those guys getting ready. You can hear it in their voices and you can see sweat on their faces. They’re very anxious, one: to get in, but also there’s a sense of, 'Are we gonna get out of here?'” Ramos said.

Many people questioned why the first officer into the room didn’t turn on his body camera.

“In this specific circumstance when it’s a nightmare scenario unfolding, you don’t know if you’re gonna have a fire fight and you may not come back out of there. Turning on the body cam [forgetting], to me, was something that I can see happening and I don’t fault him one bit,” Ramos said.

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When an officer accidentally fired his gun, Ramos also said that’s not extremely surprising.

“I think what may have happened is they were so intent on expecting to be in a fire fight that they were ready to start pulling those triggers. Because in a situation like that, you can’t wait until a gunshot’s coming at you to react,” Ramos said.

“I was a little surprised (that the body camera footage didn’t have a time stamp on it). “I don’t know that the officers have the option to turn that time stamp off, but it could be that the cameras they were using didn’t have a time stamp on them.

Ramos said while the video shows a portion of the night, there is still a lot to come and conclusions can’t be drawn from just these videos.

To view the videos, click here.

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