Rescued Pomeranians not up for adoption but other animals are

A cat at the Animal Foundation on Dec. 1, 2017. (Kathleen Jacob/FOX5)

FOX5 was flooded with calls after we ran the story on 164 rescued Pomeranians on Thursday. Many people wanted to adopt them, but that's not an option.

The Animal Foundation said hundreds of people have called and showed up to try and get a Pomeranian. Currently, they're on an indefinite hold during the investigation, and they may be sent back to California after that. However, the Animal Foundation's adoption manager said there's an even better option.

They have tons of dogs and cats that need forever homes. Many have been abandoned, abused, or just not wanted. When someone adopts from the shelter, they come microchipped, vaccinated and fixed. The animal has also been checked out so you know it's healthy, as opposed to many private sellers online or pet stores, who often sell sick puppies raised in puppy mills.

The Animal Foundation said it's actually healthier to adopt a mixed breed instead of a purebred.

“The mixed breeds are actually the better breed to get cause they're the healthier. They actually get the best out of all the breeds” Adoption Manager Brenda Arceo said, “Usually, a lot of the purebred dogs have a lot of health issues, behavior issues, that type of thing, so mixed is always a good way to go.”

The animals the Animal Foundation has the most of are the large breeds such as Pit Bulls and Boxers, the breeds with the stigma attached to them that they're dangerous. The shelter said they actually evaluate each one and make sure it's not a threat to society before putting it up for adoption.

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