Devin Taft mugshot

Devin Taft, 23, police mugshot.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas Metropolitan police said two men were arrested in connection to a home invasion that turned into a shootout in the southwest valley on Feb. 1.

Devin Taft, 23, and Michael Moore, 24, were booked in absentia from the hospital, where police initially said they were in critical condition. Taft was later released from the hospital and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Moore and Taft face multiple charges, including attempted murder, discharging a gun into an occupied structure, conspiracy to murder, battery with the use of a deadly weapon, battery to commit mayhem, conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit home invasion, mayhem with a deadly weapon, grand larceny of a gun, and home invasion with a deadly weapon.

Officers were called to the 9200 block of Starcross Lane, near Fort Apache Road and Twain Avenue, at around 9:46 a.m. Metro Police dispatch received a 911 call from a man, identified in Taft's arrest report as Nam, who said he had been shot in the thigh during an attempted home invasion, the report said.

Once Nam was safely removed from the residence, police swept the scene for any additional suspects, according to the police report. During their sweep, officers noticed multiple shell casings, bullet impacts in the walls and front door, blood splatter and a sliding glass door that had been shattered.

Las Vegas police also noticed a blood trail that started from the bedroom closet and lead to the garage, indicating someone may have been dragged, the report said. A bloody footprint that matched the shoes Taft had been wearing the day of the break in was also discovered.

Nam was taken to University Medical Center for treatment, the report said. Aside from the gunshot wound in his thigh, Las Vegas police noticed he had "deep lacerations to the top of his head." Nam told police one of the suspects had "pistol whipped" him after they exchanged gunfire.

According to Nam, he had been asleep when Taft and Moore broke into his home, the police report said. He told police the sound of glass shattering had woken him up, but he assumed it was someone who lived in the house with him, identified only as "Lieu" in the report. Nam explained to police he heard "rustling and further noise" inside the house, he started to believe it was not Lieu making the noise.

Nam grabbed his Glock 17 9mm and attempted to investigate what was making the noise, according to the police report. He saw two men, wearing all black and yellow reflective vests; one of the men was armed with a black revolver. The suspects tried to get the front door open, but were unable to. Police later determined the suspects, Taft and Moore, broke the sliding glass door to get inside the residence.

"[Nam] communicated that he feared for his life and believed the males intended to do him harm," the police report said.

Although it was not clear who shot who first, Nam said either Taft or Moore shot him in the leg and Nam returned fire, striking both suspects, the report said. One of the suspects, after running out of ammunition, began hitting Nam on the head using the handle of the revolver. Nam was also struck on the head with his own gun by one of the suspects.

Taft and Moore fled the scene, the report said. Nam had to receive surgery as the bullet broke his femur and was lodged in his hip bone. He is expected to recover.

Las Vegas police were able to locate Taft and Moore at Southern Hills Hospital almost 10 minutes later, the report said. A woman named Tanesha in the police report confirmed Moore and Taft's identities to police. Both suspects were dropped off by another man in a 2016 Nissan Sentra and were suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The police report said Moore seemed to have been shot in the stomach.

During their investigation, police determined the Sentra was registered under Moore's name. It was also the same vehicle both suspects used to escape after the shootout, according to the report.

Police said they believe Taft and Moore were casing the neighborhood after reviewing surveillance video that showed the Nissan driving past the home almost 20 minutes before the break in. A third suspect was seen in the video helping carry either Moore or Taft into the vehicle before driving off.

Moore remained hospitalized as of Friday afternoon, according to Las Vegas police. 

A preliminary hearing for Moore and Taft is scheduled for March 8 at 10 a.m. at Las Vegas Justice Court.

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bottom and company

The odd and irregular concept of attacking a peaceful living space as if some enemy battle position is truly one for the ages. And of the strangest single acts ever done. I can only hope I remain lucky and it never happens to me. Because I'm afraid in such an extraordinary unusual life moment, I'd be capable of just about anything.

The Mark Price is Right

This had got to be the most detailed crime story ever.


From the result, looks like they did a poor job. He He

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