Devin Campbell mugshot

Mugshot of Devin Campbell.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- One of the men charged in the murders of two Las Vegas Valley men met with one of the victims before fatally shooting him, according to a police report.

Devin Campbell, 24, was arrested on Tuesday and a second man involved in the two homicides, 39-year-old Christopher Ashoff, was also arrested, police said. Both Ashoff and Campbell have been charged with two counts of murder and one count each of robbery with a deadly weapon.

According to police records, Ashoff was previously charged in 2007 for unlawful transportation of firearms; in 2006 for burglary and robbery with use of a deadly weapon; in 2003 for escape; and in 2001 for possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Ashoff also "has several additional arrests and citations in southern Nevada dating back to 1999," the arrest report said.

On Jan. 22, Las Vegas Metropolitan police were called to the area of Brittlewood Avenue and Lamoille Circle just after 1:15 p.m. in regards to a vehicle versus pedestrian crash. According to Campbell's arrest report, a witness saw a black and silver Dodge truck and a silver Toyota Corolla leave the scene.

The victim, later identified by the Clark County coroner as Josue Lizardo Contreras-Verdin, 24, was taken to Sunrise Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The coroner determined Contreras-Verdin died from a gunshot wound to the chest, and his death was ruled a homicide. 

The Dodge and the Corolla were both seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed, according to the police report. Las Vegas police said the Corolla "was driven away by one of the suspects."

According to Campbell's arrest report, he and Ashoff had met with Contreras-Verdin for a drug deal in the area of Brittlewood and both men waited for the victim to arrive. When he did, Contreras-Verdin was shot during the robbery before Campbell and Ashoff fled.

Christopher Ashoff mugshot

Mugshot of Christopher Ashoff.

Around 3:45 p.m. on Jan. 22, North Las Vegas police responded to the 4800 block of Rancho Lindo Court in regards to a shooting and traffic accident, the report said. When officers arrived, they found an unoccupied black Toyota Corolla and a man lying in the street the near car.

The Clark County coroner identified the second victim as Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Cruz, 36. He died due to multiple gunshot wounds and his death was also ruled a homicide, the coroner said. 

North Las Vegas police discovered the silver Corolla had struck the rear of the black Corolla, causing the second car to crash into a wall in the driveway of a nearby residence, the police report said. A woman who witnessed the shooting told North Las Vegas police she had been in the neighborhood to pick up her child.

The woman told officers she saw two cars crash into each other before two men jumped out of one of the cars and shot at Gonzalez-Cruz, according to the arrest report. As North Las Vegas police continued their investigation, they "became aware" of a suspicious vehicle that had been parked at a recycling center on Losee Road.

According to the police report, the vehicle was a silver Toyota Corolla and police determined the car had been abandoned on the property. Surveillance video showed an unknown male, believed to Campbell, pull up to the recycling center, wipe down the Corolla and throw away several items in the trash before walking out of view.

A search warrant was issued for both Corollas and two flip phones were discovered inside the black Toyota, the report said. North Las Vegas police also found an iPhone and a Samsung smart phone near the scene of the shooting at Rancho Lindo Court. All four of the phones were determined to belonged to one of the suspects.

A pair of sunglasses, believed to belong to Campbell, were also recovered.

While processing the silver Corolla, numerous fingerprints were found inside the car, according to the report. A red shirt and beanie that had been thrown in a dumpster were also recovered. North Las Vegas police also recovered security video from one of the houses on Rancho Lindo Court, which showed the silver Toyota and the Dodge truck enter the neighborhood 15 minutes before the shooting.

On Jan. 23, Las Vegas police interviewed the girlfriend of Gonzalez-Cruz, who said he hadn't come home the night before, the arrest report said. Gonzalez-Cruz had told his girlfriend a friend of his had been carjacked and he needed to know where his friend was and who was driving the silver Toyota Corolla.

The girlfriend was able to locate the car using an app on her phone and she told detectives she gave Gonzalez-Cruz a North Las Vegas address, according to the police report. 

On Jan. 24, detectives from Las Vegas police spoke to a woman who said her silver and black Dodge truck had been stolen on Jan. 20, the arrest report said. Detectives showed the woman photos of the truck in connection to the two homicides and the woman confirmed it was her vehicle.

According to the report, a Las Vegas police sergeant saw the Dodge truck near Tropicana Avenue and Sandhill Road at a nearby Walgreens three days later. The sergeant watched the driver enter the parking lot of a 7-Eleven and she attempted to confirm this was the same stolen vehicle. When the driver of the truck noticed the police car, the driver jumped the curb, drove through landscape and fled. 

The sergeant lost sight of the truck, but alerted other officers in the area. The truck was later found abandoned at a KFC parking lot on East Tropicana Avenue, the police report said.

On Jan. 30, Las Vegas police determined it was Campbell who drove the silver Corolla to the recycling center, based on the black sunglasses recovered at the scene of Rancho Lindo Court when compared to his Facebook profile picture, the report said.

Campbell was also linked to the shootings after police looked through the records of the phones that had been recovered. After investigating the phones, Las Vegas police determined Campbell used the flip phones to sell narcotics and almost all the text messages on the flip phones pertained to drugs.

According to the arrest report, Las Vegas police believe Ashoff was present during both shootings and his fingerprints were recovered inside the cars involved in the investigation. 

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