LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas woman was arrested at McCarran International Airport over the weekend after causing a disturbance on a plane.

According to the arrest report for Katrina Alspaugh, 51, she was at a security checkpoint on Nov. 21 when another passenger confronted her about not wearing a mask. It appeared Alspaugh was about to try to punch the other person. 

She was uncooperative with officers, the report said, and would not provide identification as officers were investigating a possible assault. Eventually, police released Alspaugh as the other passenger refused to press charges. 

Katrina Alspaugh

Katrina Alspaugh

Soon after, police were called by Allegiant Air staff about Alspaugh. An employee had Alspaugh removed from the flight due to her causing a disturbance. Alspaugh was told by officers to leave the airport due to no longer having a ticket.

Alspaugh "was argumentative with officers and was telling in the airport creating a disturbance," police wrote.

When officers warned her she would be arrested, she "loudly began yelling 'f---' and 'Let's go, Brandon' further, creating a disturbance and was therefore placed under arrest..."

Court records show she had been arrested multiple times before: battery domestic violence in 2002, assault in 2011, domestic battery in 2017 and harassment in 2020.

In this incident, Alspaugh faces a misdemeanor charge of public conduct at an airport. No court appearance has been scheduled yet.

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(5) comments


Looks like someone needs to be added to the no fly list. If you can't follow safety rules, I don't want to be stuck at 30,000 ft with you.


This person should never be allowed to fly any airline ever again! Anybody who causes or even threatens on an airplane should be booted for life! All airlines must adopt this between all incidents and make sure no matter which airline has the issue that they all stick together and ban the same individuals! This is the only way this will help control the madness sweeping the airlines. Flight attendants are going to quit over this during the holidays just watch and I don't blame them, I blame the CEO's of the companies for not taking this action to begin with. Flight attendants are going to have lawsuits pending against the airlines I am pretty sure! The management doesn't seem to care because this is happening much too often and FAA fines are doing nothing to stop it. Flying sucks today and is getting worse!


Just another sheep following the Screaming Orange Mango.....

Let's Go Karen! 🙄

Repubs are like bargain minded lemmings at a suicide sale.

'merica! Freedumb!


F*ck Joe biden.


The "woman" is a habitual trouble maker. No fly list for life and a couple years in prison to get her attention might work.

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