Baldomero Gutierrez. (LVMPD)

Baldomero Gutierrez. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Three juveniles were involved in an elaborate robbery scheme that involved driving a man out to the desert and having him run for his life, according to a report. 

Baldomero Gutierrez faces multiple charges in the incident, including robbery, battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, according to court records.

The arrest report for Gutierrez also alleges he conspired to commit two robberies in February.

In the first robbery on Feb. 2 at approximately 8:34 p.m., Metro Police were called to a "strong arm" robbery near Pecos Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.

The victim told officers he was at the Roberto’s Taco Shop on 3102 N. Las Vegas Boulevard meeting with a girl he said he knew, but wouldn’t say her name. A friend of hers showed up and asked them both to go outside. 

When the victim went outside, he said two Hispanic juveniles approached him and pushed him to the ground, kicking him in the head and face, according to the arrest report. The victim said the juveniles took his backpack with about $500 inside.

In the second robbery on Feb. 13, at approximately 2:11 a.m., police responded to a gas station at 7121 E. Lake Mead Boulevard in reference to a kidnapping call. Police found an adult male wrapped in gray blanket.

The man, identified by the name Angel in police records, told police he started talking to a female using screen name “China” (pronounced "Chee-nah") in January. The night before he went to meet her, the victim received an instant message requesting to meet for the first time. 

The arrest report stated Angel went to the same Roberto's Taco Shop to meet with her at about 10:30 p.m. The female got into his vehicle and she reportedly said they could get marijuana from her friends. She told him to drive to Woodlawn Cemetery north of downtown Las Vegas.

At the cemetery, the man told police he saw two men standing in the dark. China told the victim to get the marijuana from those men. He said he didn’t want to, so China motioned for the men to approach the car, according to the arrest report.

The shorter male went to the driver side door while the taller male, later identified as Gutierrez, went to the passenger side. Gutierrez pointed a firearm at the driver through the passenger side, demanding his wallet, keys and cell phone, according to the arrest report. 

The shorter male ordered Angel out of the car. Once outside, the victim was approached by Gutierrez with the firearm, according to detectives. The victim was pistol-whipped by Gutierrez when he was reluctant to hand over his belongings, according to the report. He then handed over his wallet, cell phone and keys. The juveniles ordered Angel to get into trunk of his car.

One of the passengers in the car opened the rear seat compartment inside vehicle so the suspects could see the man in the trunk, according to the report. Gutierrez then drove the car, and China sat in the passenger front seat.

The victim was ordered to unlock his phone. He began to comply, but the phone died. The suspects drove to a Walmart to purchase a phone charger. The female juvenile went inside the buy the charger while the male juveniles kept an eye on the victim inside the car, the report said.

The vehicle later pulled off to the side of road in the desert area near Lake Mead. Gutierrez gave Angel with a blanket from the trunk and ordered him to put it over his head. Gutierrez told the man he had five minutes to run into the desert before he'd start shooting, the report said.

The man told police he began to run into the desert. He said he heard shots before the five minutes were up, so he hid behind some bushes and shrubs.

After about a minute, the man began walking toward Lake Mead Boulevard where he encountered a vehicle and convinced the driver to give him a ride to a gas station to call police.

An officer tried to stop a vehicle matching the description of Angel’s car in Walmart parking lot at 201 N. Nellis Boulevard and the suspects fled on foot. An officer arrested the girl, who was later identified as China. 

China confirmed that she and Gutierrez planned the second robbery the day prior, according to police. Gutierrez told China to make sure the victim “looks nice so I can take his [explicit].”

China said she was already messaging another man to lure him into being robbed again before police caught them. China told police “she initially felt bad about the incident but stated that she would probably do it again because she enjoyed the thrill,” according to the arrest report.

The victim identified Gutierrez and the other juvenile in photo line-ups and they were both arrested Feb. 25.

Gutierrez was taken into custody with help of CCSD police and was found with a backpack matching the description of the backpack in the first robbery and an iPhone matching the description of the phone stolen in the second robbery, according to police.

Gutierrez was listed as a juvenile but was being tried as an adult, according to court records as of April 17. Clark County School District confirmed Gutierrez was a student at Desert Pines High School during the 2018-19 school year.

The full names of Gutierrez's co-conspirators were not available because they were also juveniles, police said.

Gutierrez was expected in court for a hearing on April 18.

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