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NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A former North Las Vegas police officer is facing charges after allegedly using excessive force on a suspect during an April 24 incident.

City of North Las Vegas spokesperson Patrick Walker said Kinney resigned as an officer on June 24. Two of his fellow officers alerted their superior that they were concerned about Kinny's actions during an arrest. 

"It was discovered that Kinney had possibly used unnecessary force on a suspect, triggering an immediate internal investigation. Mr. Kinney resigned before the investigation could be concluded. The Department took swift action, investigated thoroughly and recommended the following charges to the Clark County District Attorney’s office: Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm, Oppression Under Color of Office, and False Report by Public Officer," Walker said. 

According to Kinney's arrest report, he was called with several officers to a home where a man, suspected of being intoxicated with methamphetamine, was armed with a metal pole. 

During the arrest, Kinney's official report of the incident said the suspect was tased, hit with a non-lethal round and was bit by a K9.

Later, his colleagues reported Kinney left out of his report that he allegedly hit the suspect's jaw with his knee, breaking it in two places. A review of body camera footage showed the hit, as well as Kinney using his knee to hold the suspect's head against the ground. 

Doctors later had the suspect transferred to University Medical Center, where they said he would require pain medication for at least two months and wouldn't be able to eat solid food for three months due to the broken jaw. 

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(4) comments


We all know criminals never use excessive force.......


But we don't hire criminals nor entrust them with keeping the peace. It's not saying much that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than criminals do for themselves.


Please ignore the blanket hypocrisy of the insufferable drivel you see below this comment. His post is indicative of a culture who's time has passed. Hence, the ignorance and anger dripping from it's every word. Police are one twig on the executive branch of the law. They are not judge, jury, and executioner like our boy "Mediumjeep" likes to think..and of course only when application of such "hometown hero "law would benefit him.

What's better than Medicare for all? Accountability for all.


Suspect was probably deserving of it,criminals cause the problems ,should be taught a lesson,don’t mess with the strong 💪 arm of the law !

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