Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Officer Jacinto Rivera said 32-year-old Larissa Dos Santos Lima was jailed early Friday on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge at a home east of the Las Vegas Strip.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- TLC's 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her husband in their east Las Vegas home on Jan. 11, according to a police report.

Dos Santos Lima was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge, police records show. Dos Santos Lima also has two previous arrests for domestic violence within the past six months, according to Las Vegas police records.

In the police report, officers were called to Dos Santos Lima and her husband's residence in regards to a domestic disturbance.

When police arrived, the husband claimed Dos Santos Lima had punched him in the mouth and officers noted there was blood coming from his mouth, the report said. 

Prior to the 911 call, the husband and Dos Santos Lima had been arguing "about the nature of their relationship," according to the report. Dos Santos Lima accused him of cheating on her and she became agitated. The victim printed out divorce papers and a verbal argument began. Dos Santos Lima started "humiliating and yelling" at her husband and she also accused the victim of buying pornography online.

She went into the bathroom and took her anti-depression medication before she grabbed her husband's wrist and started scratching his face. Afterward, she left the home and her husband's mother contacted police.

In the police report, Dos Santos Lima told police it was her husband who assaulted her after they got into an argument about their relationship and their marriage. She claimed that while she was showering, her husband kept flickering the bathroom light on and off and he continued annoying her after she got out of the shower.

She claimed her husband kept touching her when she repeatedly said no and that was when the fight occurred, the report said. She said her husband pulled her hair and kicked her left leg, causing her ankle to roll.

According to the report, her husband clawed at her face and her neck injuries were consistent with strangulation, but police noted her other injuries appeared to be self-inflicted.

He told police that Dos Santos Lima had become more violent since her previous arrests, according to the report.

Due to her previous arrests and how the victim's mother claimed Dos Santos Lima left the house with no scratches on her face, police determined she was the "primary aggressor" in this incident, the report said.

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Larissa is crazy! I wonder if she might be bipolar? Colt is better with off with out her, to bad he married her. She should be deported since she arrested twice.

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