Terrell Rhodes

Terrell Rhodes

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas man babysitting his girlfriend's child beat the 2-year-old to death after he wet his clothing, according to an arrest report.

What began as a missing child's report on May 5 evolved into a multi-day "wild goose chase" for toddler Amari Nicholson, FOX5 learned in an interview with the boy's grandmother. He was last seen at the Emerald Suites near Paradise Road and Twain Avenue. On May 12, that search ended with the discovery of the boy's body just yards away from the family's apartment.

One day before, Terrell Rhodes confessed to the killing of Amari while mother, Tayler Nicholson, was out of town.

In an interview with Las Vegas police on May 11, Rhodes submitted to a polygraph test and spoke with investigators. Rhodes told police that on May 5 at about 4:30 a.m., Amari had "urinated in his clothing several times." After that, Rhodes became upset and hit Amari between 3-4 times "with a closed fist."

Amari Nicholson

Amari Nicholson

"At some point, Amari turned blue and purple in the face and stopped breathing," an arrest report read.

Rhodes said he tried to administer CPR on the child but was unsuccessful. He carried the boy's lifeless body out of the apartment and disposed of him at another location, the report read.

During an investigation, homicide detectives and crime scene analysts found blood on a bedroom wall. A plastic bag filled with soiled kids' clothes was also recovered from inside a closet.

Rhodes was arrested on charges of first degree murder. His next court appearance is set for May 17 before Judge Harmony Letizia.

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(11) comments


This stuff just makes me sick. They won't do it, but they really need to put this animal down.


Liberals don’t want the death penalty,this is the type of worthless 13/90 animal that deserves to be executed!


*Some liberals want to end the death penalty, if they all did it would have been eliminated already. The death penalty exists to serve as a punishment for the most heinous and irredeemable of crimes (like this one) and I hope it is maintained.


Nonsense. The vast majority of liberals want it ended. There's absolutely no argument there.


Both houses of the state legislature are run by liberals and the governor is a liberal, yet the bill to end the death penalty in Nevada failed miserably. This would lead one to logically conclude that there is not a large enough majority of liberals who oppose the death penalty for legislative change to occur.


You're wrong again as usual. If a liberal voted against a measure outlawing the death penalty it was only because it was personally expedient to them and their desire to remain in power. And besides, the legislature does not operate on a simple majority. Try again.


Mediumjeep always politics with you, makes me think you live a lonely life....


Yours can't be too awful exciting either if you're here responding to his posts...jus' sayin'.


What a sorry POS!! I hope his punishment is swift and painful just like the pain he inflicted on little innocent Amari. I pray that the "mother", for lack of a better word, is arrested as well. She had a hand in this cover-up, I believe.


The "mother" is just as guilty.


Possibly - who's to say the child wasn't already dead before she left town?

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